The Owells

I take it there is no Rick Pierce like player on this edition of the Hooty Birds. How bad are they?

Rice is certainly not a good or great basketball team.

But this was more about Arkansas tonight.

Rice is horrid. We will have some teams score on us a lot this year, and we will have to score a lot to win some games, and can. We still do a lot of dumb stuff, just unforced stuff, a lot to clean up.

But tempo was great, shot a lot, worked hard.

We did exactly what we were supposed to do against a horrid team…we dropped 90 on them. So that’s a good thing.

We played good defense, I also like the way we hustled all over the floor.

Yes. Rice is not good. Lost an en exhibition game. But that was outstanding defense and some awesome shooting by Mason. Help defense was very good. Like how the Muss era has begun.

Rice needs a PG.