The Oral Roberts University

Is getting close to doing the unthinkable. Go Golden Titans!

Beat me to it. Go ORU

It’s Golden Eagles now. But I agree.

I didn’t see that Marty! But a good one

I remember the Titans. They will always be Titans to me, but today they were golden. And where was our guy RJ?

This will show my age but here is a good audio for this game… I’m thinking Al Michaels and the whole do you believe in miracles line.

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Now getting past TT has a whole new meaning for me. If we win Sunday, we should be able to take the winner of ORU-Fla to advance to the elite 8. Got to have some luck to get to the FF and even more luck to win it all, but not having tosu as an obstacle helps our cause.

That’s like me when referring to Missouri State. They will always be SMS to me.

I never understood why they tossed Titans anyway. Was Oral still around when that happened?

I don’t remember when they changed.

Great day for me today. My undergraduate (Oral Roberts University) and graduate (University of Arkansas) alma maters both advance to the round of 32.

I was a Titan. ORU is still the Titans to me, even though they have been the Golden Eagles since 1993. Oral Roberts was president of the University until 1992, when his son Richard stepped into that role. Don’t remember if the mascot change was Richard’s idea or not, but pretty sure he was a proponent of the change.

Oral Roberts passed in 2009.

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I lived my first couple years after graduation from Arkansas essentially across the street from ORU, also had several work peers from ORU. Great win today for the school; I think besting OSU is really a resume marker for all time. 'Glad they cleared the road ahead for our Hogs.

I think someone finally noticed that it was a bad look for a Christian school to have pagan deities as their mascot; Titans were any of the offspring of Uranus and Gaea.

Pagan deities weren’t the mascot of ORU. The University founders were smarter than that.

You look in the dictionary for titans, that’s what you find. No matter what they thought in 1965.

You must be so lonely.

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