The opening of Southwest High a good thing for Hogs

Great read…I hope the new high school can turn into a football juggernaut. We certainly need more players from Little Rock to go to the hill.

There are, they just play for Robinson, Bryant, PA, LCA, etc…

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Good point. DMac was a Little Rock kid who played at Oak Grove, which doesn’t even exist now (it was folded into Maumelle High). NLR, Robinson, Bryant, etc.

When you have 24,000 students and not producing more DI talent that’s a problem. They’re in the process of getting that corrected.

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One of the biggest problems with the LRSD is not having extra-curriculars in a class period. They have them after school. It makes it much harder on the kids to participate and to be interested in them.

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Anyone from LR correct me if I’m wrong (I haven’t lived there since med school, so a little out of touch)…. but I suspect the same population dynamic that exists here in Texarkana is also true for LR. While there has been typical growth over the past 20-30 years (primarily new infrastructure… new roads, neighborhoods, restaurants, etc.), there has been only slight change to the overall population. Nothing really to draw a big jump in population (such as new industry). As such, kids have merely shuffled around instead of one school really “growing” into a power.

Texas High used to have 3-5 D1 players in a given year. Arkansas High might have 1 every other year. Same with Liberty Eylau. Pleasant Grove rarely, if ever, had a D1 recruit. Today, most of the high end talent is at PG (that school district had closed borders until recently, now kids transfer in routinely), but overall numbers of high end talent here is not much different than 20 years ago.

If that dynamic is the same in the LR area, then opening a new school will be good for the LRSD, but may not mean a big difference in overall high-end talent numbers from what you see today. Kids will merely shuffle around to a different school.

Moderate growth while the subs have taken off like many other cities.

The key for the LRSD is getting the numbers up and that’s happening. Patton’s eyes got big when talking about some of the kids he saw when he met with both schools.

The overall population of Little Rock is actually growing. Currently estimated at 197,000+ which is the highest it’s ever been. In 2000 it was 183,000. But as has been the case for 60+ years, whites continue to bail out into the suburbs, or go to Chenal where their kids go to Robinson.

Sounds encouraging. Joe T has turned into a steady Razorback pipeline in recent years, but so far none of them have played a lot. I know they have a young giant coming up that everyone is going to recruiting hard though. If the LRSD comes through with their participation and development goals, I don’t see why the number we sign out of Central Arkansas alone couldn’t be in the 8-10 range.

The added the athletic period back into the schedule a few years ago.

My bad. Thanks for the correction. I know that really hurt participation.

Where is this new High School located?

Across from the hwy department building on I-30.

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