The only way Morris should be the coach in 2020

It looks like they may not win another game this year. I think the only way CCM should keep his job is to clean house and bring in new coordinators. I thought Chavis was a great hire but it’s obvious that’s not working. Joe Craddock is simply not an SEC coordinator at this time. CCM needs to do what Ole Miss has done. Surround himself with coaches who have had HC experience. Pay big money to get them here knowing they may leave for another HC job after a year or two (or could be our next HC). But, you can’t keep this staff in tact based on these results. I wonder if there is anyone on the street now that you could bring in as an “advisor” or even make the change at this time. Pretty drastic but maybe that is what is needed?

I am a little disappointed in Craddock. There have been games when I thought his playcalling was really bad. As far as Chavis is concerned, I think having the offense convert on third downs would solve a lot of the problems of the defense. Plus, let not stop with analyzing Craddock and Chavis. People are not talking about this but our offensive line stinks. Just a fact.

The best way for Morris to be coach in 2020 is to win a big game that we aren’t supposed to win, as in Auburn, Alabama or LSU. Far fetched, maybe, but after watching South Carolina beat Georgia, it can be done.

If we end up 2-10 or 3-9, I can’t imagine any good OC or DC (or maybe any assistant coaches) leaving their job to come work for a lame-duck coach for one year.

This will seem stupid to a lot of folks but I like the idea of bringing in Rhett Lashlee from SMU as offensive coordinator. He set state passing records at Shiloh for Malzahn and served as Malzahn’s OC for several years. His experience fits Chad Morris’ offense like a glove.

I do too

If Hunter Yurachek allows Morris to come back next year…we probably will have new coordinators as part of the deal to allow him to keep his job for year 3. Hunter will probably have a big part in selecting those coordinators, if he chooses to go this way.

I believe if Hunter does choose to do this…it is only because of the financial considerations due to having to pay these massive buyouts to Bielema and Morris. I know we aren’t paying Bielema, or so I have read, but that unpaid liability is still on the balance sheet in the footnotes.

Can we not hire a good coach with the provision he gets paid like $500,000 for each win with no buyout? A bonus to be paid of $5,000,000 for winning an SEC Championship and $2,500,000 for an SEC West title. Paying a massive buyout to Bielema was unwise, but paying a massive buyout to an unproven head coach like Morris was just ridiculous. Now, we are put in a position where we may want to fire a coach, but can’t because of the financial burden.

If you fire Morris after two years no coach will come here without a buy out unless he just wants to come here, take the salary like he won the lottery and expect to leave with the reputation that he can’t win.

What if that coach who is hired comes here and does well? You have a coach making a lot of money and who can then negotiate for a nice buy-out or leave when he wants. This would take a coach who is confident of his ability to turn the program around. Isn’t that the kind of coach you want? Are there not good coaches out there who don’t have to have a buyout, but will work based upon job performance, not some guarantee? If not, the system is broken and needs a re-set.

I have been a salesman for 33 years and nobody gave me a buyout. Every year I worked and earned what I produced. I could earn as much as I was capable of earning…there was no ceiling. Of course, if I didn’t perform I didn’t do well…so I was motivated by the fear of failure. There is bound to be a good coach who has the guts to take this job and kick ass.

The reports are that the Razorbacks are going to pay Nevada 1.5 million to come to Fayetteville to play (not sure if next year or after) but that’s what I don’t agree with. It’s ridiculous.

Uh, no I don’t think so at this time and yes, the system is broken but it’s been broken for a long time.

ASU and others have gotten 1.9 million to be openers. That is about the going rate now that the conference has mandated a no cupcake policy like it used to be.

being a head coach, unlike sales, sadly if you fail at a stop it is hard to get a second chance. Some do but lots don’t and the pay difference between HC and coordinator is quite large still. Good to bet on yourself, however, if you are an up and comer in your late thirties early 40’s may not take the gamble as it is generally a one shot business.

The Nevada game is the first game next season. And that kind of payment is pretty much the going rate for Group of 5 teams to go on the road and play Power 5 teams. It will keep going up over time, too.

Question i have is what are Morris’s coaching contacts? Is he wired in. Frank always brought in aspiring coaches, they left to become head coaches, move to pros etc. the 4 assistants on staff would be Chavis, Cooper, Craddock and the offensive line coach. Cooper I think has Louisiana and we lost one recruit and a transfer from there. Chavis coaches linebackers and rumors the 3 Memphis kids are going to Tennessee. We didn’t knock a home run at that position last year anyway. We just lost our best offensive line commit and as far as Craddock goes, we rank horribly in red zone statistics.

There’s this thing in the U.S. called “market rate”. All coaches (and their agents) who are seeking, or possibly interested in changing, jobs understand this.

As Matt says, this market rate thing includes paying a team to play on your own field. If you don’t want to pay them, schedule only teams that you are willing to also play at their place.

What you’re seeing play out with Morris right now is exactly the reason large buyouts are in place. The patience level is low at most programs, so coaches are given less time to produce even though they are offered X-number of years on their contract. They want financial security and have the leverage to demand it.

It’s worth noting that Arkansas has changed its buyout methodology under Yurachek. In the past it was a negotiated number that could be higher than the amount left on a contract. For instance, Bielema’s listed $15.4 million buyout was more than he was set to make had he coached the final three years of his contract.

Morris’ buyout is 70 percent of what is owed to him on his contract. So while the buyout amount still would be a large sum, there is at least some basis for that figure.

You don’t have to depend on 18-22 yr olds to ensure your success as coaches do. As a salesman, you go out, work hard, and succeed or fail based on your performance.
As a coach, you can work hard, but if the players don’t buy in to what you are trying to do, or just don’t feel like playing that day for whatever reason, that affects your success.

These huge guaranteed buyouts hurt the job performance of most coaches. When you don’t have to perform at a high level, you usually don’t. If you know you are going to get $12 million, and you aren’t being successful, then you just think…“What the $#$@…I’m rich”. So what if I get fired? I’ll go home and look at my financial statement and all will be okay". So, you don’t make that extra effort in coaching or recruiting every day which makes a tremendous difference in your performance and the program’s performance.

The last 2 hires to whom we gave massive buyouts have been huge busts. Maybe it’s time to try some other method. I would think you might be able to hire Hugh Freeze or Bobby Petrino without massive buyouts and both these guys have been successful. Both have checkered pasts, but is forgiving the past worth $12 million bucks. Maybe. $12 million dollars can buy a lot of forgiveness.
Coach Petrino is probably not an option for us, given our self-righteous stance that we have taken in the past in hiring coaches, but Hugh Freeze might be a viable option. He hasn’t done anything wrong in Fayetteville…that was in Oxford. I hate Ole Miss and was a little envious of the Rebels when Freeze was there, but he might do a great job here as he did there. He put Ole Miss back in the conversation after being out of it for 50 years. Why not us? Give me a couple of minutes to strap on my kevlar vest, then fire away.


The thing with buyouts is it works both ways. It guarantees the coach they won’t be fired without giving them a reasonable opportunity to get the job done. It also guarantees that if they do have success that some other school can’t poach them from you without some costs.
Most buyouts are front loaded and decrease each year, giving both school and coach the opportunity to separate from each other without a heavy burden to be paid. The problem is if a coach has some success, i.e. Petrino or Bielema, then the schools want to make sure they can lock them down for a long period of time. Then you have the problem of not being able to get rid of them when things go south without having to pay the piper, as it did with CBB.

Morris is not done yet, HY may give him another year but as others have said there needs to be some major changes with the staff, is CM as loyal to his staff as Mike Anderson? If so that could cost him the job but regardless of who replaces him the buyout is going to be there unless you work a no or little buyout contract with someone like Freeze or Petrino which won’t happen because of the goody two shoes running things.