The only thing Morris proved

was that he was unwilling to get True Freshmen, who I bet he recruited with the line “a lot of early playing time”, on the field with a big crop of recruits watching. How do you defend putting Ben Hicks into the game at 6 minutes left in the game, let alone 2 minutes?

What does he think he can sell to the recruits? Very questionable decision.

He is showing them just how bull headed that he is…This is the only thing that I have said about him. To me he act like he don’t give a damm’

There were a couple of times he was caught chewing out his OC on the headset. I think he’s probably incredibly furious right now, but has the decency to not show the fans.

Right now, he needs to show us. Its time. If he wants us to believe in him and his program, it’s time to show some guts.

You save freshman for MSU wku and Missouri

He’s done. Recruits are done listening. It’s over. He knows it. Left lane hammer down is the only we he gets home tonight without being arrested. Peace out.

He’s stated many times that he wants to preserve Jefferson’s redshirt. Throwing Jefferson at the end of the game would have just been a waste.

Plus, don’t we have 6-7 true freshmen starting? I’m not sure he can’t tell recruits that if their the best player, they’ll start.

General in the post game press conference CCM failed to mention the inaccuracy that Hicks had today But he mentioned the drops!
Until the hogs offense can maintain drives and put up points our defense will be suspect and wore out by the end of the 3rd quarter.