The only plus here is that Isaiah Joe...

appears to be back.

He has 4 3-pointers and has 14 points so far

Good to see.

I disagree. A lot of bright spots. The only difference in this game in 18 points differential at the FT stripe. Other than that, it’s two possession game which means our offense matched theirs. Our D just didn’t. We fouled, and turned the ball over. WE aren’t that far away, really.

Now 7 3-pointers and 23 points

I said a couple of weeks ago that it isn’t talent, but consistency. Gafford and Jones are consistent, but get Chaney, Bailey, Joe, and Sills to come along(which they will) then nobody will want to play us.

I agree about Joe starting to stoke his shot.
maybe he can come out against Ole Miss and get hot quick. Don’t be surprised when the hogs beat Ole Miss. Gafford and Jones need some help!

Joe has disappeared the last 5-6 games, which is not unusual for a frosh. He broke out of his slump last night. I hope he can get back in his early season groove. We need him to score if we are going to have a decent season.