The Only Good Thing…

To me about yesterday is that the honeymoon for Sam is over.

I feel like way too many in our fanbase tend to become too emotionally invested in our coaches. Perhaps it happens at other schools as well, but I always cringe a little when I see people with Muss Bus shirts or refer to Pittman as the Pitt Boss, etc. There was a poster on here yesterday saying he had difficulty assigning blame to Pittman and wanted instead to assign blame to the coordinators and he wasn’t sure why that was.

My theory is that we all like Sam personally - how can you not - and are grateful for all he’s done to breathe some life into a moribund program. When you really like someone it’s hard to criticize them and coaches that don’t feel the heat a little bit can become complacent, take things for granted, etc.

I think in retrospect he was probably the perfect guy for that moment in time. I just don’t think he’s the person to try and take us from where we are to the next level and that’s perfectly okay if I’m right in my thinking. I don’t think he should be fired, but if he retired and Hunter makes a great hire - I trust he would - then I think we can upgrade.

This is a big business and coaches should be judged on performance and that judgement should not be clouded by how we feel about them personally. I think after yesterday more people will base their feelings about the HC strictly on his performance and I think that’s a good and healthy thing for the program going forward.


Spot on.

Was the exact same with Mike Anderson. Great dude we all loved. Painfully obvious it was time for him to go, except to some who couldn’t fathom the thought of moving on. How’d that work out for us?

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I think Sam’s the football equivalent of Mike Anderson and that’s not a criticism of him.

I think Mike and Sam are really good people and good coaches. I appreciate what each has contributed to Razorback, Inc. Personally, I like Mike a lot more than Musselman. In fact, if Musselman coached at Kentucky I think Razorback fans would love to hate him - brash, in your face, etc. To me, he comes across as a jerk sometimes but he’s our jerk.:grinning:

But it’s not about me liking somebody personally.

It’s about the W/L bottomline.

Business is business.


Well said.

I like CSP a lot. He’s an amazing human, recruiter and motivator. I’m just not sure he is an amazing head coach. I am not willing to write him off, but we have to look at his performance critically and evaluate him against his peers


Another nice post, Jackson.

I was very disappointed we lost Kiffin to Ole Miss, but Coach Pittman has done a solid job. We need to man up and get a great coach next hire…whatever the cost. You don’t see the SEC top programs concerned with the salary. They go for winning. I wish we did.

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Sam is type of guy everybody roots for and wants him to have great success because he’s at the end of his career, just a super great person.

He had a phenomenal year last year, one that absolutely nobody expected but with that brings Great expectations going forward. Coaching is a very much what have you done for me lately business even now more so than ever before. Gone are the days where Frank beamer was given basically 5 years of mediocrity at Virginia tech before he took off and became the legend that he is.

This team has a habit of starting very slowly and Sam will now start to have to answer the questions as to why this continually happens because there are a lot more expectations on this team now because of last year. He will have to start being accountable for the team playing very poorly against teams they should not be doing it against. He will start having to answer to why this team is not ready to play as soon as the ball is kicked off.

He needs to start taking ownership of the offense and defense because many times I’ve heard him say well we need to be doing this and need to be doing that well during the game go over there and tell them hey this is what we need to be doing!!! That is being the head coach! Saying I don’t know all the time like he does does not come off very well especially when you’re playing as bad as we played yesterday or as we have played in some games this year.

I am not giving up on him or want him to be let go because I truly want him to succeed because he deserves success for all the time he’s put into the game, but he has got to start being much more involved in the game planning, got to make sure this team is ready to go out there and kick butt as soon as the ball is kicked off.

He’s at the point now to where if we lose the next three games, the seat of his pants are going to start to warm up a little bit.

Let’s get going Sam, we all love and believe in you!! It’s time to start holding people accountable! Both coordinators especially!! KJ is a very likable young man and we all love him because he has made some unbelievable plays for us that have led us to some victories but it’s time for him to stop making some of the mistakes he’s making by continually not seeing people open down the field, it’s time he gets some really really hard coaching, I don’t know if that is actually happening and he just doesn’t really pay attention, I have heard Sam say well at the end of the day KJ does what he wants to do!!that’s BS! You’re the coach he is the player! No one gets away with being unaccountable! Every player is got to be held to the same standard from the walk on all the way up to the QB.

I know you can do it Sam time to get busy and make it happen!


So 2 1/2 years is the time allowed to prove you are a great head coach, when you start with a team with back-to-back 2-10 years and have to deal with a murderous schedule. Yeah, that sounds fair.


I agree

i think we will see at the end of the year how much sam is dedicated to winning at arkansas. we will see if there are any coaches, coordinator changes in store. as far as comparing him to anderson, i think he knows football better than anderson knew basketball. i never wanted anderson as our coach, but supported him when he was hired. lost too many instate recruits and did not adapt with the times. very loyal to his staff.

we’ll see how dedicated to his staff he is after this year. so far our evaluation of qbs has been sub par. apparently defensive backs also. have always been short at linebacker and defensive linemen. do odom and bribes recruit? i never hear of odom recruiting accolades. and his defenses, well i know he is lauded nationally but look at his record. and Briles bombed at FSU… maybe our talent level is that lousy. but time for some tweaks if not our right cleaning house.

Yes, but it’s already known.

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Say what?

the only positive i saw yesterday was the emergence of number 24. arkansas kid played well. why did it take half a year to move him. anyone with eyes knows our secondary stunk.

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Sure, like Texas A&M has done. I’m saying we need to give Sam time, no doubt that was a ugly loss yesterday and is concerning, but let’s don’t forget where we were when he arrived. Time will tell and I’m sure HY has his finger on the pulse of the football program and will not hesitate to do whatever may be necessary. WPS


Do tell…

First, CSP is not going anywhere. 2.5 years is not enough time to rebuild a program that hadn’t won a Conference game in 2 years. We are still suffering from that, recruiting wise. His Coordinators, on the other hand, are a different story. Coordinators don’t just coach and scheme, but recruit as well. This has been sorely lacking with all the misevaluations we’ve made. Being a small state with a small population base hurts. A lot. But that is what Texas and Louisiana is there for. W we by haven’t we hit those states hard. Texas, A$M, and LSU can’t sign them all. If at the end of next year, little or no progress has been made, then we can discuss coaching replacements.

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I tend to agree with thread.

We are three years into coaching management of program.

Coach deserves lots of credit for stabilizing a program left for dead.

This is hard however and year three has to scrutinized, as does expectations of program.

We do not have the personnel needed to be SEC contenders and we have struggled this year. I believe we lose some O line and senior transfers used to fill major gaps in personnel this season and next year personnel gaps may be more glaring unless major upgrades in transfer portal. Sometimes programs get vested in personalities with a lot of hope, perhaps we all do. We have not put forth an acceptable product anywhere near expectations for year three of a program in this fan’s opinion. A goal of being bowl eligible should not be a goal of a program trying to get out of cellar of SEC. We lost to Liberty at our home SEC stadium. Everything need be evaluated as to whether right management is in place to make program high level SEC contender and if not let’s not spend years before before making decisions. Program is in more stable place and there may be more coachijg options available to us than three years ago.

How the team finishes the year will determine if Pittman is a good coach and the right man for the job moving forward. This years team has shown some concerning traits that is reasonably attributed to the coaching staff.

Reading this thread is very encouraging to me. I don’t read a lot of posts of people screaming for the coach’s head nor do I read a lot of posts advocating for Sam to be the coach for life.

This is year three and is a step back from last year and a disappointment thus far given our preseason ranking.

The program needs to be evaluated like any other business. It will be interesting to see what actions Sam and his boss take.


Franks came here because of Briles. He was his recruit and played well.

Secondary beat up. Where they have failed is defensive line recruiting.

I am fine with group waiting to play in offensive line and they are getting ready. Need some wins to get that group more practice time. Injuries in secondary did get McAdoo to move. If not for 5/6 secondary injuries, he’d still be at WR.

Can’t figure out why line played poorly. But I knew Liberty was good in front six. Proved it too.


And they have failed at QB recruiting - they inherited KJ. Coley left and they obviously don’t trust Malik.

If you struggle at evaluating/developing QBs you are in trouble long term.