The only chance we have of being relevant in

any sport is to get lucky and hire a master coach. JFB was pretty much that early on, hence our national championship.

Eddie Sutton was that in basketball. Never won a national title, but made us relevant. When we really got lucky was with Nolan. No one knew what we were getting. The right man, the right time, the right place. Talk about lightning in a bottle!

Since then, none of the hires in either sport got the lucky. A big part of the hiring is luck. I don’t mind that we tried in Heath. Pel? It was clear to me from day one that wasn’t going to work. Anderson? Trying to relive an old romance rarely works. It didn’t.

Hatfield? I liked him, good man. He wasn’t a master coach IMO, but was good enough to make us relevant in the old SWC. Crowe? Stupid hire. The scientific rocket? Past his prime and his offense was never going to get us there. Nutt? I guess worth a try, he was young and upcoming. BP? Great idea. It almost worked. BB? Bad idea. It wasn’t going to work from the beginning.

I am 53. I doubt we ever catch that lightning in a bottle again in either sport in my life time. Maybe my kids will live to see it.

I’m 58 - I can so relate

Very embarrassing to lose to the last team in the SEC

Maybe the SEC was right - we are Kansas and deserve Mizzou

I’m very disappointed and starting to think Ark really is a insignificant program - as Mizzou

A regional want to be

I’ll hang on one more year and see what Coach Bret can do

Being a Razorback fan is filled with so much disappointment - Is Arkansas cursed to be a regional team forever?