The Ole' Swiss Miss Defense

Reckon we can hang half a hundred on em? Would that be enough?

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We may need to.score 50…they are best offense we have seen

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This one is going to be a barn burner! Ole Miss defense gives up 8.8 yards per play, 641 yards a game and allowing 51.7 ppg. We have to score every time we get the ball and get a couple of turnovers and a stop or two.

Ole Miss is dead last in total defense.


Ole Miss offense averages:
42 ppg.
573 total yds pg.
380.7 passing yds pg.
192.3 rushing yds pg.
Have only turned the ball over 2 times

Should be a fun game and I expect the Hogs to pull this one out.

Hogs - 45
OM - 42

I hate to say it, but OM has a great QB in Corrall. At least it appears they do. I have a friend who played for OM many years ago. It seems as though he’s constantly talking about the newest, greatest OM QB. I don’t recall a year when, according to him, they didn’t have one either just signed or redshirting. Unfortunately, he might be right this time. And I have to admit there have been some others that were pretty good.

If Alabama had a hard time stopping him–and they did–I’m afraid we will.

Better yet eat loads of clock and keep our defense rested and their offense off the field

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