The Ole Miss thing may be close to an end

At least that seems to be the opinion of the head coach.

The attorney (Bruse Loyd) representing the Ole Miss assistant coach catching most of the heat for the four Level 1 violations said “It is as close to a death penalty as you can get without having that actually happen.” … y-can-get/

I hope they get absolutely hammered. They openly cheated, bragged about their innovative, highly effective approach of just letting the 5 stars know they were primary targets, magically started landing big-time players from regions they’ve never tapped, made little secret they were cheating and then claimed the moral high ground at every turn, invoking God’s name nonstop.

They deserve to be brought to their knees.

I agree completely. I also expect OM boosters to target Bama and Misstake as they feel that is who turned them in. OM is angry that Bama can get away with cheating but OM is not. I think we will see OM contact the NCAA any time they see other SEC teams cheating, especially Bama and MSU.

Yea, it is close to the end for Ole Miss. They were relevant for 3-4 years due to cheating, and now they are going to be back in the West cellar for a long time. The additional charges against Ole Miss will be coming out soon…maybe this week. Charges of academic fraud, paying players and a host of other things will get you hammered by the NCAA.

It could not happen to a better bunch. I hope they get the death penalty. If not the death penalty…then I hope they lose at least 30-40 scholarships. They can’t even beat us when they cheat. That Hunter Henry toss will be forever etched in my mind. The boys at Mississippi State are still hollering’ for a bronze statue of Hunter Henry to be placed on their campus to honor his killer lateral and the crushing defeat we gave the Rebels to ruin their bid to win an SEC West title and an SEC Championship.