The old gal is a bit of a Barton

I of course, am referring to The Indiana Farmers Coliseum. One of the dance halls used in this tournament. I equate this to War Memorial hosting a BCS playoff game. It could only happen in a covid world.

I love those old buildings, lots of history in that arena. You’re right, they would only be using this facility in a Covid world, but it’s serving a good purpose. I’ve been to games before in Bankers Life (formerly Canseco) Fieldhouse, and it’s really scaled back this weekend. Concessions are very limited, and practically no lower bowl seating. With these limitations on an arena, the old places seem about as good as the big palaces, and you’re closer to the floor

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Canseco is a roided-up outfielder who headed fly balls over the outfield wall. The arena was Conseco.

Hinkle Fieldhouse is kind of a Barton too but with waaaaayyyyyy more tradition (think Hoosiers).

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Except the “real” Hoosiers basketball game, Milan vs Muncie Central, was played in Butler Fieldhouse, before it was renovated and renamed Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Which is exactly what I was talking about. The movie scenes were also shot in Hinkle.

But what truly makes Farmers Bartonesque, is that it is located at the Fairgrounds.Been a few rodeos and greased pig contests in that building.

I agree that Hinkle is a cathedral, no way similar to Barton. Stadium journeys is great for descriptions and one man’s opinion:

I’m not comparing Hinkle to Barton. I said that Farmer’s Coliseum is a bit of a Barton. It is.

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