The offense

Anyone else concerned about it? Team BA is okay-ish at .267. But 134 Ks in 14 games?!? Nearly 10 per game! Seems like, if other teams don’t walk us a lot, we really struggle producing.

Very concerned about it, we have 4 new bats to the lineup about to see some really great pitching. I think we can hit better than we have but the SEC West and loaded with outstanding pitching and it’s going to be a challenge. The biggest challenge is all the teams that are projected to be ahead of us we all have to go on the road and we all know how that is.
We will have to hit much better than we have and get much better bullpen pitching or it could be a long yr with our schedule, about time to see how really good we are.

Van Horn mentioned after the game last night that he was concerned with hitting. He didn’t call anyone out by name, but referenced a few batting averages of players who he said should be producing more.

“We’re not nearly as good as we can be,” Van Horn said. “That’s probably the most disappointing thing. We’ve got some older guys hitting .250… .255… .245. Those guys have got to get it going. They know who they are. Those are our older guys that are supposed to lead us. Hopefully we’ll kick it into gear.”

How do you fix it?

“You just practice, work on things, watch video and show them what they’re doing wrong,” Van Horn said. “Really, sometimes it’s just mental, you know? They start second-guessing themselves, and you can kind of see it in body language and things when things aren’t going their way. It’s a tough game. It’s a long season. For us to do well in league play, we’ve got to have our veterans swing the bat.”

If DVH is concerned then I’m concerned. However, if it can be fixed, I’m confident he can fix it. We know hitting comes and goes. Casey Martin started out as great hitter, but it later got to the point I dreaded seeing him come to the plate in clutch situation. I suspect the “mental” part is exactly right. These players have the talent. Just need the confidence & the right approach at the plate.

I trust Nesbit at 3B to start with and he has experience. His bat will heat up.
Webb needs to be in left field but he hasn’t hit a lick.
That’s 2 that need to get going.

It is concerning. Yes, we started undefeated with 12 wins. Several of those games we had to come from behind to win. We struggled with some of the opposing starting pitching, but once we were able to get to their bullpen we were able to overcome the deficit. Even CDVH said in his press conference after the loss to OK, that he was concerned and that we had probably won a couple games during that stretch that we shouldn’t have.
In the La Tech series, we won the first game after we got to their bullpen. Matter of fact we had to come from behind in that game. The second game their starting pitcher struggled and we got off to a big lead and kept it.
The third game their starting pitcher was lights out and we got shut out and bullpen wasn’t an issue. I think we were out hit in most of those games.
In the loss to OK we struggled with their starting pitcher and couldn’t overcome their bullpen.
It wasn’t all about hitting, our pitching wasn’t good either.
That’s what concerns me about our hitting right now.
We are going to be facing some really good pitching in the SEC. Starting pitchers and bullpen. I hope they can get the hitting to improve or it could be an even more difficult season. With the talent we have, it’s not difficult to think they will.

JMO but as a whole I think we are trying to pull the ball too much especially Goodheart.I think we need to let the ball get deeper and use the whole field. Franklin I think is taking way too many pitches,is better when he goes up there hacking. Moore and Opitz have the best approach on the team in going with the pitch, Slavens is good but might be even better if he took a little off his swing that might keep his head on the ball better. Wallace has a great approach but he’s young and will get better, Smith I think will get going he has a good swing, Battles will have to learn to identify the Change up because he’s struggling with that a little, Webb will hit once he has a, good game or 2 and gets his confidence back… We can hit and I think we will just need to get some more swings, midweek games will help

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Agree youdaman. Franklin, Goodheart and Cullen Smith need to change their approach.
Franklin is waiting for the mistake and taking a lot of pitches and getting behind in the count. Goodheart and Smith are trying to pull everything.

The Hogs are 12th in the SEC at walks and Batting Average. That tells me, they don’t understand the strike zone, and they have a strange approach to hitting, perhaps just trying to hit HRs off fast balls?

I’ve heard this a lot and quiet often…“with the talent we have” yada yada…what I’d like to know is WHAT talent? Who besides Moore,maybe.
When the entire team is in a funk, a slump which is what we’re in, like it or not… it’s a coaching problem somewhere down the road.

If you question the talent you have not been paying attention to recruiting classes or projections of future drafts.

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The Umpire was lights out in the last game. Look at the last pitch. The Tech game I meant

I usually agree with Youdaman when he talks hitting. I do again, with one exception. I do not think you should back Slavens off too much. Maybe a little. His HR and RBI total are a combination of a “get your hacks” approach that I like. I don’t like called strike threes. He’s more a swing and miss guy. I do think he’s hit some breakers, but he’s going to to sit on a fast ball. I like that.


Yeah Clay Slavens is one of those guys where you may K him 3 straight Times. But when gets his pitch where he wants it, he can change the game in a hurry! I love his aggressiveness! He’s up there to hit, wished all our guys had his approach.

The approach I liked against OU was the outside pitch Slavens shot down the left field line. That’s a big-time hit.

Franklin has to pick it up. I don’t know what you do with Nesbit and Webb. I thought they would be big-time offensive contributors.

Nesbit hasn’t many opportunities, has he? I think the last time he started, he homered.

The situations with he and Noland are puzzling.

I really believe all needs to do is take Slavens approach if it’s in the zone SWING! I have seen Franklin take the first pitch time and time again that was on the outside corner, a pitch he use hammer over the right-field fence and he just watches it,which puts him behind in the count and allow the pitcher to throw him offspeed stuff.
I know there are different theories on the First pitch but I have never understood taking the first pitch because a pitcher is going to try to get ahead in the count,it will be hittable way more often than not, he starts being more aggressive on the first pitch and you will see him start to rip the ball because he getting pitches he can drive.

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I agree on Noland for sure, I cringed when I heard Wicklander was starting against OU because his lack of control is trouble waiting to Happen, hopefully Noland will get a chance next week… Nesbit deserves another chance with the way Smith is hitting

Smith still has a .421 on-base percentage. With the exception of the night he struck out four times, he has done a pretty good job of getting on base. He leads the team in walks and has been hit by three pitches.