The Obvious

It so much better to start SEC (and a series) play 1-0 instead of 0-1.

Must hit a lot better. Will not be able to shut them all out and 2 runs will not win many SEC games.

Man if you get starring pitching like Campbell showed today you can win a lot of games with just 1 run. The bull pen performance was huge as well.

No doubt we need to hit the ball better and they will.

this series will be a challenge for us because they’re throwing three very good left-handers and we have so many left-handed hitters in our lineup that are really crucial to our success. And Martin is extremely aggressive and has a hard time with off-speed pitches so it’s no secret we don’t hit left-handers near as good as right-handers so this weekend will be tough on us I think I think our pitching can win the series for us with today being the key game.

Good post.