The numbers from Nashville

Hogs shot 40% from the field, 30% on threes, missed seven foul shots, and still won. How?

Won the turnover battle by 5, the rebound battle by 3 (including 12-6 on the offensive glass), didn’t let Vandy go ape from 3 (9 of 26), and as a result of the first two, got 12 more shots than they did.

It turned the game around when we got into the bonus. We didn’t make everything from the line, but we made enough that we could get into the press and turn them over a bit. What won the game in the last 48 seconds was two turnovers and an offensive rebound that set up the Macon free throws.

We had 71 points on 67 possessions, they had 70 on 67. Didn’t help our offensive efficiency numbers much, probably did help our defensive numbers a bit.

More numbers:

I thought looking at the second half stats would be informative, since we had the long drought followed by scoring on 11 of our last 12 possessions.

We shot 42% for the second half, compared to 38% in the first half. Threes were actually worse, 2 for 9 compared to 4 for 11 before intermission. The big difference was at the line. Two-for-6 in the first half, 15 for 18 in the second half, including Macon’s display of giant ONIONS.

Shooting in the final six minutes, from the play by play:

Moses with the and-1, 5:50.
Barford layup, 5:26 (his only points of the second half)
Barford missed twice, got both offensive boards, Dusty with a layup at 4:38
Free throws on the next two trips (both Dusty, made 4 of 5)
Manny jumper, 2:57
Barford missed layup, Manny foul on the rebound, 2:22
FTs on next two possessions, 4 for 4 (Macon and Dusty 2 each)
Dusty layup, 0:49
Dusty layup, 0:20
Dusty missed 3, Manny corrals tipout, flips to Macon who is fouled and makes all 3.
Ballgame. We shot 6 for 10 in the last 6 minutes, hit 12 of 13 FTs.

I believe we were 3 for our first 9 at the FT line…14-15 after that.

I showed my son the last 6 mins today. Macon actually shot two free throws at 5:50, Manny stole the ball flipped to Moses who then got the and 1. So, you can add two FT’s and a steel to your layout

I was looking at shooting from the field in the last six minutes. But you’re correct, it would be 14 of 15 from the line in that time.

When I was showing my son, I made the comment I didn’t realize Macon started the run and ended it at the line.

My son said, why on earth would you not try to keep the ball out of Dusty’s hands. (If you were Vandy)

They’re not good enough in man D to keep the ball out of Dusty’s hands. But they could have gone to a zone to keep him from driving, since the 3 was not falling for him, IMO.