The Not Interested Tournament

Crowned a new champion yesterday. Tiger High of Memphis Tennessee. My how that grand ole event has fallen. The NIT was almost as prestegious as the NCAA tourney when I first started watching college basketball in the 60’s. Al McGuire even turned down an NCAA bid one year, to play in and win the NIT. Back then you had 32 teams gathered on the isle of Manhattan to play every single game on the hallowed court at the Gahden. What happened yesterday was pure sacrilege. Playing the NIT championship game in Texas is every bit as blaphemous as getting your salsa from New Yawk City.

At one time you could play in both tournaments, and the NIT was as prestegious? as the NCAA but money changed that after time and I agree the NIT is basically nothing now. I forget which team won both tourneys one year way back then,

CCNY beat Bradley for both titles in 1950.

There were times teams would turn down the NCAA to play in the NIT because it was considered more prestigious, especially for schools in the Northeast.

I’ve got “not interested” for you: I’m not interested in working today. Amped up and unproductive.

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I enjoyed watching the NIT this year. I watched a lot of it, actually. It’s nice to see how much it means to the players to get to continue to play. Most just want to continue to play. There are a lot of things on TV that I don’t care to watch, but they are on TV because they matter to someone. I hope it continues to be played.

I wonder if Penny’s Tiger High boosters (ie bagmen) are reconsidering their investment in players since he missed the dance.

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I’ve often wondered why fans so readily turn their noses up at “less prestigious tournaments” when those games clearly mean something to the players, themselves. :no_mouth:

Year Champion Runner-up MVP
2021 Memphis Mississippi State Landers Nolley II, Memphis
2020 No tournament due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
2019 Texas Lipscomb Kerwin Roach, Texas
2018 Penn State Utah Lamar Stevens, Penn State
2017 TCU Georgia Tech Kenrich Williams, TCU
2016 George Washington Valparaiso Tyler Cavanaugh, George Washington
2015 Stanford Miami (FL) Chasson Randle, Stanford
2014 Minnesota SMU Austin Hollins, Minnesota
2013 Baylor Iowa Pierre Jackson, Baylor
2012 Stanford Minnesota Aaron Bright, Stanford [54]
2011 Wichita State Alabama Graham Hatch, Wichita State
2010 Dayton North Carolina Chris Johnson, Dayton
2009 Penn State Baylor Jamelle Cornley, Penn State
2008 Ohio State Massachusetts Kosta Koufos, Ohio State
2007 West Virginia Clemson Frank Young, West Virginia
2006 South Carolina Michigan Renaldo Balkman, South Carolina
2005 South Carolina

There’s your answer Southside high school. lol

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