The No-Fly List

Kinda like LSU the past couple of years? How do you feel about that program right now? I certainly don’t want to be viewed the same way they are by others.

Funny thing is, I’ve seen a few fans that are advocating for Wade if he’s fired.

Anyone that bases their happiness on the success of their favorite sports team, needs to take a step back and think. Having your team winning is fun as heck. But, it doesn’t change anything for me. Also, I’m getting old. :smiley:

I don’t base my happiness on the Hogs winning. But it is a component of my happiness. Probably of most on this board too.

And I think we are losing sight of the issue. I don’t care how we win in basketball or football. But I want us to win.

No, I don’t want some idiot like Wade at the helm. I’d prefer to not cheat of course. But if mild or more pronounced cheating is necessary, and I think it probably is, then I vote to do it. At least I’ll come out and say what many are thinking.

Regardless, I will leave it up to HY to find the right guy.

I don’t know about your vast majority, but I certainly care if cheating happens, and most of the fans I know don’t want to be known as cheaters either. Is that how you conduct your business? Is that how you run your personal life? I don’t care if everybody else does it. I understand we probably have players that get benefits they are not supposed to and $100 handshakes, but if it comes out that we dropped $180k to some players uncle or dad’s church to get them then I won’t be sending any more checks to the RF.

So I guess you can call me a moral preener if you like, I’d rather be that than a cheating scumbag.

i don’t make my happiness dependent on arkansas being successful in sports, if i did based on results in both football and basketball, i would be a very unhappy person. but i will admit, it sure helps ones attitude. arkansas pride… and i’m old also.

I love the generalization that most fans don’t care how we win. I don’t think you’ve talked to millions of people have you?. I bet if you took a poll on this board more people than not would say they do care. That’s a pretty good snap shot I’d say. Maybe you can talk Scottie into putting up a poll to settle this. At least that way you could learn something.

Having vacated National Championships in Track & Field for “mistakes”, that was very painful for me. I would rather not win than win and have it vacated later because we were caught cheating. I don’t measure success by National Championships. It would be nice, but I want competitive teams, fun to watch, and a program that I’m proud of. If the losses are losses where we coached well, played well, but got beat by a better team, I can live with that. When we lose because we didn’t play with effort or made stupid coaching decisions, then I’m frustrated. But, I was in the military where the West Point code of conduct, “Don’t lie, cheat or steal or tolerate anyone who does” was the set of values that I could embrace. I still do.

I was wondering why I always scratched my head at your posts. Anyone quoting the West Point code of ethics let’s me know they shouldn’t speak in public. Consider this NCO business, Sir, I got it :wink:

So we are now breaking out the West Point Code of Conduct? Really? Just stop it. College basketball pales in comparison to the to the life and death basis for that code. Not even close and almost insulting. Again, I guarantee you if we hire a so-called “cheater” each one of you will be calling the Hogs mightily if we are cutting down nets. Guarantee it. Just like all of you Petrino haters loved him when he was kicking everyones’ ass. The moral high ground some of you try to take is really transparent. You don’t need to do it to impress us on this board. I know you are all good people. I firmly believe that. But I also know deep down you really like it when the Hogs win. More than you’ll admit.

Some of the folks on this board that rationalize their acceptance of undesirable results in football and basketball are the same people that have been unadulterated cheerleaders for average ( Andrson) and poor ( Bielema) coaches. They hate to admit they are wrong - rather it’s easier to talk about cheating refs, cheating coaches, recruiting disadvantages, etc. Anything to avoid admitting they were supporters of coaches that made us irrelevant ( basketball) or worse yet a laughingstock (football) in the two sports that really matter.

Really Jackson, we’ve had this discussion before I was against Bret from the start, you wasn’t, I also didn’t pump sunshine and rainbows over Mike’s hire, did you?

This is exactly right, Jackson. I had not thought of it in those specific terms, but you nail it here. It is almost as if the losing has made these people afraid of winning. They are so saturated with losing they can no longer envision Arkansas football and basketball teams winning at a high-level. They almost feel guilty about Arkansas having the temerity to take a drastic measure — like firing a coach that made over $2MM for years and ought to be set for life — to achieve more wins. Really pretty sad.

Said some folks - not referring to you. I did not give much thought to Anderson as I don’t follow the basketball program. As for Bielema I always support new hires, but if it’s going off the rails I’ll adjust my thinking accordingly. I don’t understand folks that support coaches until they are no longer the coach - implies an inability to think critically.

While I don’t have a keen interest in the basketball program, I do have a keen interest our athletic department leadership and the decisions they make and their commitment to winning. Very interested to see how the new AD handles this situation.

The fact many people are worried about how Anderson’s potential firing could possibly impact the naming of the court for Coach Richardson tells me we have way too many people worried about everything other than winning… nuts.

That maybe true, but that other stuff will affect winning in the future. Firing Mike, then celebrating Nolan without Mike will cause some ire with Nolan, former players, and coaches. Do you really think all of them will be quiet over that subject? It also to the point that some of the trustees have said if we need to Fire Mike then they’ll vote no on naming the court after Nolan, think about what kind of issues that causes. Like this or not, that will be a major issue one way or another.

Well, we did exactly what you are asking for. We fired a coach that was here for 17 years who had 3 final fours and multiple Sweet sixteens. We took drastic measures and hired Heath, and fired him after 5 yrs, following 2 consecutive years in NCAA tourney. Then we took even more drastic measures and hired Pelphrey for 4 more wonderful years. How’d all that work out?

I don’t know when or if Mike should be fired. I do know that if he is fired because of this season, and we don’t have a proven winning coach at the Power 5 level ready to sign with us, it will probably be another drastic measures decision. I’m not totally happy with where our basketball program currently is, but I’m a lot happier than I was after 9 years of Heath and Pelphrey.

Our new AD is on the clock. Hopefully, if he chooses to hire a new basketball coach this year, his record will be better than 5-25. That’s the 20% winning percentage our new football coach had last year. Yeah, I know, he technically didn’t hire him, but he OK’d the hire, when he could have said no. And, I’m not saying CCM can’t prove it to be a good hire, but starting off with the worst record in Razorback history wasn’t a good start.

Please - who gives a damn at this point if Nolan or his players are upset? They exerted influence, heavily, on Long to hire Mike and got their way. The court will be named for Nolan as many have been advocating for and I personally think is a great thing. That’s enough - it’s been 20 + years of looking back to Nolan, discussing how to appropriately honor Nolan, etc.

I don’t think making Nolan and his players happy or unhappy is going to have one bit of impact on the future of Razorback basketball.

Hunter needs to decide if Mike Anderson is the guy that can make Arkansas an upper tier SEC program. If he concludes he is support him and extend him - proclaim he’s the guy. If he’s not move on and the BOT should pass the resolution supporting naming the court for Nolan. If that’s not enough for Nolan and his players it tells me they care more about the well being/egos of their own little clique rather than the well being of Razorback basketball.

Really? So you’re saying that Nolan and his players egos in 2002 didn’t cause major issues with the program? Or as you said they got Mike hired. So, per you they’ve screwed up AR basketball twice, you sure you want to give them a third shot?

I’m saying Hunter can’t concern himself with Nolan or his player’s thoughts on the basketball program beyond the court resolution itself - and it needs to pass.

If Nolan and/or his former players decide not to show up for the court naming ceremony should a decision be made to dismiss Mike that is their problem and not his. I would hope they would all be bigger men than to do that.

If they did they’d look very foolish to essentially protest the firing of a coach that went to the dance 3 out of 8 years.