The No-Fly List

If by chance a change is made there are a few guys who I would not want as the HC. Off the top of my head three of those would be:

Rick Pitino
Rick Stansbury
Will Wade

A few others are candidates for that list

Bruce Pearl
Ben Howland
Any former Syracuse assistant

I agree 100% with your list and it has room to grow ! WPS

I agree, but I think there is only one on that list that would come here, and I’m not sure we’d take him.

We need to win basketball games and championships. Not morality or ethics contests. This is the SEC for goodness sake. The great majority of Arkansas fans don’t care how we win, as long as it finally happens and we don’t get in trouble. Arkansas fans are sick and tired of all the damn losing. If coaching in college basketball in this era calls for bending the rules, then do it. Artfully. Skillfully. And quietly.

You really think we have a big enough name to “not get in trouble?”

Out of the list mentioned none of those have quietly stayed out of trouble. They have all had show caused for major violations and some are in the cross hairs of on going scandal. If that’s what you want you may not like the result.

I want success. That’s how you achieve it these days more often than not: hire a guy that recruits with a purpose, if you know what I mean. Takes a lot less time to win in basketball compared to football. Again, this ain’t no morality contest boys. And I suspect the boosters are saying the same thing. You can’t keep pumping money into that thing only to come up mediocre. WIN!!

You take the original poster too literally. This thread wasn’t started to discuss a possible new coach. It was started so the original poster good feel good about himself and let others know how virtuous he is. It’s called moral preening.

I’m curious as to how you know this.

I’m not saying it is not true, I just don’t know how one measures that other the people who are around.

I was once told that there are far more Razorback fans that have never been to an Arkansas football or basketball game than have done so.

Also it would be foolish - in my opinion - to think message boards or radio call in shows are an accurate assessment of the fan base.

Now, everybody wants to win. There’s no doubt about that.

But the above is why I think is isn’t wise to speak any absolutes about other’s ideas.

Dudley, my opinion is that most Arkansas fans are results oriented. They don’t live and die by it sort of like we messsge boarders tend to. They don’t look st the nuances. They don’t dwell on cheating and don’t really care if cheating happens here and there as long as wins are posted and championships happen. It is high time the major teams start winning up there. I really feel like most Arkansas fans would agree. Both on the need for results and how to get them. The Razorbacks are a big deal in Arkansas. Winning lifts the collective spirit of the state. It is important. It has not been emphasized enough in recent years.

Again, I am not saying your “opinion” is wrong, but I just don’t think you can speak in absolutes for a group where you only talk to a small group and not even close to the majority of fans.

It seems - and maybe I read the post wrong - you were tossing it out as a fact.

Seems that’s a feature of American life – opinion and just-plain-made-up stuff tossed out as fact. I agree with you, Dudley, he was tossing it out there as fact.

If I go by all the Razorback fans I know, the vast majority are very unhappy with our basketball and football program. Especially basketball. And most are the 8 year argument fans. Morris gets a pass just like Anderson did for a couple of years. Morris’s recruiting class helped him. But if in year 8 if Morris has only gone to two or three bowls, and gets smoked in one or two he goes to, then you can bet your bottom dollar he won’t be here. Add transfers, recruiting woes, etc. would just reinforce the disorganization fans see. It’s much harder to turn a football program around than a basketball program. The fans I know don’t call in to radio shows, or post on any boards. When my phone lights up with dissatisfaction from average fans it tells me most are ready for a change. In fact, the most support I see for Anderson is on this board only. Overwhelming polls on other boards favor a change. But I use this board because it has the best inside info on basketball and for the most part sane posters. So I would be willing to wager if a statewide fan poll were taken it would favor replacing Anderson. I cannot prove that but would wager on it and I don’t bet.

LOL - yep, most Arkansas fans don’t care about winning at a high level. If you don’t believe me go sit in the upper deck section I sat in for the 25th anniversary celebration section that had 7 people in it or go back and stare at all of the people dressed in cool gun metal at DWRRS last season that were sometimes mistaken for empty bleachers.

And your reply is about as substantive as the rest of your posts, an attack on the poster rather than any real response. Rather than offer any real reason why the pluses outweigh the minuses for any of those guys, you label the poster and/or the poster’s motivation. Right out of the MSNBC and Fox playbook. Nice job.

Okay, I am willing to accept that you gave a very good feel for the pulse of the Arkansas fans. Tell me why the vast majority of Arkansas fans (as you have stated) want him fired this year and not last year? That is not what I don’t get. Seems to me like you should have been asking for a change at the end of last year, fully knowing this year was not going to be deep run in the NCAA. Why did you not ask to cut our losses sooner and not having to suffer through this year?

I am still trying to nail down what the heck we are firing him for and why this year.

If I knew fan sentiment as an absolute fact then the UA should hire me as AD. That would not be a good idea, as much as I would love the job.

No, just an opinion — a forceful and passionate one albeit — based on being a long time Hog fan, talking to people and using common sense. It is not a quantum leap to opine Arkansas fans are sick of losing. In football and basketball. My view also is that the losing in both sports will affect HY’s decision with Mike. I think he needs to send a message that the losing won’t be tolerated. This is his first chance to do that.

Losing or not winning enough? Losing does apply to football last year, but not basketball.

I want to win big. I saw the 94 team play in person, I remember the Final Fours. I want another national championship. I also understand that there is a lot more gray than black and white in the way college basketball players get recruited. Personally, I think the players should get paid and be free to have endorsement revenue, just because the system breeds corruption among coaches and players. But right now we have to function in a system where there are consequences if you get caught, and those consequences can wreck a proud program(ask UConn for one).

The three guys on my list are just more trouble than they are worth. It’s more likely they would put us in the doghouse than it is that they would win a national championship. There are a lot of coaches that can win a lot of games at Arkansas, and those three guys all could probably do that. But you don’t bring in a lightning rod for trouble unless you think the probable reward outweighs the risks, and I just don’t see it for any of those three.

Pitino has shown that he can’t or won’t keep those on his staff from running amok, and he remains the only men’s basketball coach to have a championship vacated by the NCAA. Think he would get an extra level of scrutiny from the press/NCAA/other teams if he took another college job? He also has had more than his share of personal issues during his career. He’s 67 years old, which kind of makes you wonder about him lasting long enough to see a re-build through. He took over a lot better situation at Louisville when he replaced Crum than he would have here, and he still needed four years to get to a Final Four.

Stansbury’s has had a lot of great players mysteriously pick his teams, and has a knack for being able to miraculously get guys eligible. He retired from MSU “to spend more time with his family” when the wolves seemed to be closing in. Two years later he had had enough of his family and became an assistant at A&M, where he got some great players for the recently fired Billy Kennedy. He left for WKU and they magically get a five star center. While he gets credit for not getting caught-yet, there is one other knock on Stansbury. He’ never coached a team that went further than the second round of the NCAAs, in spite of the talent he acquired. If you want to hire a crook, hire one that does something big with his ill-gotten gains.

Wade is going to be in limbo for the next year or so, probably won’t know if he has a job with LSU until sometime in May. You don’t want your new HC to get a show cause order from the NCAA. Plus he’s still a pretty young guy, so how he handles a tournament team that’s not a Cinderalla is an unknown. Also, based on what has come out to date, he’s not very subtle about things. If you want a crook, don’t you want a smart crook?

The morality contest stuff is interesting. This is not war, it’s not life and death, its sports. If we don’t have any moral standards in the way we do the small things-like sports, how can we expect to have any in the way we do bigger things, when more is at stake and it’s so much harder to do the right thing?

I know, I know, I’m a moral preener/virtue signaler/lousy fan/fool who doesn’t have a clue about what it takes to succeed in the world.

Simply he did meet lower expectations last year and he made it to tourney. If he had won sec tournament this year and gone to the big dance I would say job safe. Lowered expectations with this coach is to just find a way to get to the big dance. Yes I want more, I think without facts I can say that everyone here wants more. But I certainly don’t expect it.