The NFL is in a firing mood

8 coaches fired and the Atlanta Falcons just got rid of all three coordinators.

A win or go home business

I really want the Steelers to get rid of Tomlin but I also don’t know who they should hire…he has not performed well the last few years in the post season and he loses way to many games to teams with losing records…he lost to the Raiders and Broncos this year.

No discipline - inmates running the asylum. See latest story on AB… good grief

The NFL changes coaches in a routine sort of way. The goal of the league is to achieve parity. That means a good team is one or two games over .500. A team that is two games back of that is under .500 and out of the playoffs. And, that coach will be fired after two years of that. It’s almost like the rules were created to fire coaches. And, when the coaches are fired, ticket sales go up based on new hope. It is often unrealized. One who seemed to dodge all of that upheaval was Marvin Lewis. He was coach at Cincinnati for 16 years and did have some success. But he is out in this current wave of firings.

I do know that Bret Bielema had fancied himself as an NFL coach. I wonder if he will be one of the many New England staffers to bounce out of there as a head coach. I will not be surprised to see him with a head coach job soon and Arkansas be done with paying him. It might be in the NFL. I always thought he coveted one of the NFL jobs in Florida and know that would make his wife happy. She is a Florida girl.

With so many NFL jobs open, there is also a chance that there is another wave of movement at the college level. The West Virginia coach with the crazy hair, Dana Holgorasen. might move and that could create another chain reaction.

I personally was surprised to see the Green Bay coach get fired, but it appears to me teams are starting to have a problem with the concept that the QB is virtually all of the team and the rest of the players are support items. There has been several actually public disagreements between some players and their QB. The FB of course is gone and other players I feel are sensing they are no longer the backbone of the team and resent it.

I personally do not like the new concept of throw it and once in a while keep the LBers honest with a handoff. But I see younger folks like 7 on 7.

It was announced today that Holgorsen is taking the Houston job. I’m not entirely sure why he would move from a power 5 job to one out of the power 5, but they will be paying him a lot of money.

Houston finalizing deal with Holgorsen

That was the reason, was reported last night that he asked WVU for a pay raise to that type of money and they said NO. Houston offered and Holgerson didn’t get a matching offer, so he bounced. Can’t blame him.

Those who know Holgorsen say he is a strange duck. He may not be one you can figure out. I have never set foot in state of West Virginia but Houston life does not appeal to me. Too hot, too humid for too many days and too many people. I’d prefer West Virginia life. Oh well

Like in the NBA, most of these fired coaches will be recycled into other jobs.

I have several relatives in West Virginia. It is similar to NWA. Beautiful scenery, but not for folks who want the big city life.

I don’t mind visiting Houston, in fact I had a six month assignment there back when I was working. But I sure was glad to get back to Bartlesville after it was over.