The NFL draft in April will be a huge event

because there are no sports on TV. I watch it every year, but this year most football fans will watch because we are starved for some action.

LSU has 6-7 guys projected to go in round 1.

I am interested to see who Bill Bellichik drafts…does he go for a quarterback or hang with Jarrett Stidam? You would think the Pats might try to sign Cam Newton because they don’t pick until later in round 1.

The Pats will draft a QB. Surely one will still be available when they pick. Not everyone needs one - but Pats could trade up.

I agree Clay. They probably will go after a quarterback. Jarrett Stidham did not play great for Gus his last year, but he was in an offense not suited for him.

Nobody seems to tell the real truth about this question, so I will ask for your opinion. Why do you think Tom Brady left New England? Did Coach Belichick tell him it was time to retire or did Brady just want to prove a point about how he could win at another place without Coach Belichick Tom Brady’s dad was quoted this week as saying Brady always spoke highly about what a great coach Belichick was. Brady never really said in his Tampa Bay press conference.

It will get super bowl ratings, I know i will be watching. Saw in a mock draft K. Curl going to the cowboys in the 5th round.

It will be No. 2 in ESPN’s ratings in April, behind the Michael Jordan/Bulls documentary.

I’ll take that bet

Not even close. Super bowl ratings are based on super bowl parties. No parties going on here and little interest in sports right now. Most people will miss it because the family will be watching a documentary about drugs or pandemics on Netflix. I haven’t turned on ESPN in 2 weeks. I didn’t even know the date. 2 months ago my tv never left ESPN.

I have no insight on why Brady left New England. It might be about management. I don’t know. That has to be a strange atmosphere. Heck it might be about deflated footballs.

Yeah not quite

Clay, the Patriots traded down with their first round pick. Jordan Love did not strike their fancy, I guess.
I just don’t believe New England will go with Jarrett Stidham as their quarterback.

Andy Dalton or Cam Newton to the Pats, maybe?

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