The Next Story About 8-1

Good showing for the Hogs and SEC this past weekend against the Big 12’s “best” teams. Unfortunately, the 8-1 includes our upcoming road opponents MSU and Ole Miss…Those will be a couple tough series.

Reminded that the early rankings showed 5 SEC teams in the top 10; none of them Arkansas.

Way to go Hogs.

I noticed on Warren Nolan today that both Ole Miss and Ark are tied for 4th in RPI. Sounds reasonable. What isn’t reasonable is that TCU is #2. I have no idea how that works.

Arkansas is now second in DI Baseball’s poll. The Hogs turned some heads this weekend.

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Chip, RPI is basically strength of schedule. TCU played three killer SEC teams. We didn’t. We’re tied with OM because we played the same teams with the same results.

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Also RPI is meaningless 3 games into the season. I’m sure Swine would have a much better take on how many games you need played before RPI is truly indicative of anything (if it ever REALLY is.)

Kendall Rogers wrote a story about how the pitching for Arkansas opened some eyes. He also noted that pitching had been the question mark for the Razorbacks.

With the pitching staff seemingly flipping the script after the season opener, the Hogs now have some tough decisions to make moving forward. Pallette has earned a spot in the weekend rotation, and the same can be said for righthander Caleb Bolden, who was filthy in Sunday’s contest. Lockhart put on a good audition on Monday, too, and of course, there’s Wiggins.

In essence, the Hogs have a ton of terrific options with only three spots available for SEC games.

It’s a good problem to have … and one that was unexpected a few weeks ago.

Oh, I’m aware it’s totally meaningless this early. I just didn’t understand how a 1-2 TCU could be ranked ahead of two 3-0 teams who beat them.

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Until the NCAA develops NET for baseball, RPI is what they have. I’m sure the committee looks at a lot of other things but college baseball doesn’t have a lot of analytics and power ratings like hoops does. It probably doesn’t really mean anything until May 1.

Southern Illinois is #1 RPI right now; they played a weekend tournament at Jacksonville State (including a road game against JSU) and went 3-0; the other three teams are RPI 6 (Tennessee Tech, who might actually be decent; you remember a few years ago when TTU hit like 840 home runs), RPI 17 (Jacksonville State) and RPI 19 (Alabama State). The chances that Alabama State is going to be in the top 20 RPI in May are approximately the same as my chances of getting a date with Scarlet Johansson Friday night.

So, there is a chance…

Damn. Just in case: tell Scarlet “hi” for me & ask her if she can fix me up with Cindy Crawford.

Uh no. I have definitely outkicked my coverage with the woman I am dating, but she ain’t Scarlet.