The next Steve Atwater?

Arkansas recently offered safety DeMarvion Overshown, 6-4, 200 of Arp, Texas. He doesn’t have a lot of offers now but I expect him to blow up soon.

I told him he reminded me of Atwater. DeMarvion didn’t know of Steve but he watched some video after I told him.

The kid will HIT!!! … 2854ae7d35

He is one of our good EastTexas boys and along with Micahh Smith from Marshall the biggest hitters in this area the last few years.

RD, have you given any thought to what it be like to have DeMarvion and Bumper on the field at the same time? I am really getting excited about what the D could be shaping up for the next few years. In my opinion Arkansas is fixing to become known for its defense again in a good way.

The problem is, with all the new rules to protect players, there will never be another Steve Atwater. Football does not want players to play like that any more. Despite that, I hope the kid makes it to the hill because I love that kind of attitude and mentality.

Kam Chancellor is an example of a safety who blows people up within the framework of the new rules. It’s not impossible to do.

I had a brief conversation will Bill Bates (Dallas safety back in the day) about the current rules for defensive players and we both thought he’d not even be able to play under those rules. Felt he would be constantly flagged, not for anything necessarily dirty, but just what they called tough defense.

My opine, they have taken away too many things from the defense cause owners and TV want more offense. I think they use “player safety” as a talking point to push their agenda to make a more “dazzling” product. They cannot fathom seeing an old 7 to 9 or 6 to 3 final score. Its all about the “bling” and TV.

You would hope that a young football player would have heard of Steve Atwater. But not surprising at all that he wouldn’t, usually kids are players, not historians these days. Heck some basketball players come to UNC (I live in Chapel Hill) and hardly know who Michael Jordan was. Several years ago I was watching a game at the Dean E. Smith Center and some fan was yelling some garbage over and over, and I said to him “Could you please stop? Dean Smith (always the gentleman) would be ashamed of you.” And he answered “Who’s he?”

I’ve thought that way about Ronnie Lott as well

You guys will love some of Overshown and his coach’s comments in tomorrow’s column. Good stuff.

Wow, what a highlight reel. Complete and utter disregard for his or his opponent’s body. I love it!

I know you are making a compliment and an intended exaggeration by saying he has complete and utter disregard for his body and his opponent’s, and good thing he is a heck of a tackler, but these days not only is that utter disregard potentially very dangerous, it can result in a penalty and an ejection from the game.