The next great QB out of Arkansas?

Might be 2019 QB Darius Bowers of Fayetteville.

I saw him vs. Bryant and was very impressed. He’s 6-1, 182 now, but his father is like 6-5.

He only played two series but you can tell he has a chance. Tyler Wilson’s cousin is the Fayetteville OC and he was there and he was also impressed.

RD, Don’t know much about Fay FBootball, is he a pro style QB ? Not sure what everybody else thinks, but we are having great luck with homegrown QB talent that grow up wanting to be a Razorback. Mallet, Wilson, both Allens -----

I think he could do spread or pro-style. He just seems to have the it factor. Very poised.

I think most will say he’s a dual-threat.

Hey, if dual threat means you can run the ball in for the winning TD during OT ---- like Austin or the winning 2 Pt conversion like Brandon, heck, yes, lol.
Is he a Razorback type QB or more of an Auburn type guy ? Either way, I always pull for AR kids unless the pull a KJ Hill or---- well, since what happened, I won’t say his name due to respect.

Like I said, I think he could be a pro-style guy or spread.

That sounds good, and Russell Wilson always comes to mind when thinking Bilemma to me. Many people forget that. He is not as conservative as people think, and Wilson could do both with a heavy emphasis on pocket passing when possible.

Agree. He’s open any style at QB as long as the guy can make plays in the passing game.

Russell Wilson got a lot of exposure at NC St prior to him wanting to play baseball. The coach refusing after Wilson was established QB is why he started looking elsewhere. I give CBB 0 credit for developing Wilson, they just both got lucky they found each other (CBB needed a good QB and Wilson needed a team)

Well didn’t really mean that he developed R. Wilson, just realized what he had and tailored the offense to go as far as he could with the right personnel ---- and no more conservative than he has to be dependent on players.
Certainly don’t think Bielema made R. Wilson. But Wilson did pick freaking cold ass Wisconsin because of Bielema and for no other reason.
What of that do you logically disagree with or do you just hate Bielema ?

His dad looks like he could play some oline in front of him.

Danny is a big guy.

Found this freshmen high lights tape. … 55409643ba

He looks good, especially if that was 9th grade footage and he keeps growing.