The next 6 games

are brutal…We will get to find out just how good we really are. Would be great if we can go 3 and 3. One thing for sure, this will get us ready for the tournament. WPS!!

Jimmy Dykes said on Bo’s show that only 2 SEC tteams in the last 11 years have made it to the tournament with records of .500 or worse in SEC play, so it appears we need to win 4 of 6 to have a good shot to make it. There are so many teams about as good as we are in the SEC…so we need to play well. The cupcakes in Vandy and South Carolina are behind us, only Ole Miss remains. If Gafford can play well down the stretch… we’ll make it.

You can throw Dykes opinion out the window! He likes to run his mouth and lacks the ability to get things done himself!
9-9 conference record might do it for some teams and that’s probably where Kentucky ends up just like the hogs. What stinks is when you feel like the hogs lost a few games they shouldn’t have! That’s what’s hurting the RPI and bubble status.
Getting beat by LSU 2 times and Moo U on the road!
The other Bubble teams from around the country are right around us with RPI issues.
These next 6 games they better play like their hair is on fire and go at least 4-2 or better.
They can’t afford a loss to Ole Miss.

@ Ole Miss
Vs Texas A&M
vs Kentucky
@ Alabama
vs Auburn
@ Missouri
That not a walk in the park.
Hogs need the road wins more than ever.
Don’t have a let down from here to the end of the season.

I noticed you referenced South Carolina as a cup cake. They made it too the final 4 last year! LSU with the same record another cupcake beat the hogs 2 times this year.
When the ball goes up for the tip until the final Horn players need to bring it! Those that do will be playing in March. Those they go through the motions will be watching!
3-3 for the hogs may not get it done. Look at the Conference standings, RPI and remaining schedule. You will find a tight race for the 4 seed in the SEC tournament,
also looking at the standing it makes you wonder how LSU has only 5 wins ( 2 aginst the hogs and 2 aginst Texas A@M and one more unlucky bunch). You will also see Moo U @7-5 ahead of the hogs. We had them beat and let them hang around and win! Tie breakers we don’t own.
We have a chance to move up or down.
I’m hoping the hogs get hot and go 2-0 this week. Next Sunday we can get an idea of what’s shaking out.
@6-6 we are tied with
Kentucky. We play at home on Feb 20th
Texas A&M we play at home on Feb 17th
Miss State whom beat us on the road.
Missouri we play on the road Mar 3
Alabama weplay them on the road Feb24th
Auburn we play at home on Feb 27th
The only so called cup cake we have is
Ole Miss up next Tuesday on the road and they aren’t easy to beat at thier place!
It’s all out in front of the hogs with no easy games.
The hogs need to take it one game at a time and win. The road wins are the most important because of our road record this season. If the hogs want to play in the Dance they have the games remaining to make a mark good or bad!
My hope is
@ Ole Miss Win
vs Texas A&M. Win
vs Kentucky Win
@ Alabama Win
vs Auburn toss up
@ Missouri Win
The hogs need the 3 road wins pretty bad.
The teams we are tied with or above us in the standings we need to beat.
I think we could end up the 4 seed in the SEC tournament. If the hogs want to get to the Dance and have a shot to advance past the first weekend they need to make it to the final of the SEC tournament.

Well, you might not like Jimmy, but facts are facts. I agree Ole Miss is the key to getting to the NCAA’s. We have to win against the Rebels. Kentucky, Texas A+M, Alabama, Auburn and Missouri…that is a tough row to hoe. If we make the tourney we probably will have beaten at least 2 or 3 of those teams. I can see 2, but not 3.

4-2 or better because of our 2 losses to LSU. That’s my opinion.

Army, you seem very harsh on Jimmy Dykes. Sure, he did a poor job as Arkansas’ women’s coach, but he’s an Arkansas guy whose job demands he critique teams and coaches. I don’t agree with some of the things he says, but just because he didn’t succeed as a coach doesn’t mean he’s incapable of dissecting the game. I enjoy hearing him.

I’m glad you do like hearing him! I don’t he can talk the talk but he can’t walk the walk!
Dykes is a Greaseball “Cal” lover and he also likes Gus. Those are 2 people I can’t stand. Dykes is in that group! He isn’t a true Razorback.

Will Mike continue adjusting his defense and moving to more Zone?