The next 2018 BB offer?

had a big game today. Keyshawn Embery, 6-4, 187 pounds had 33 points, 14 rebounds and 4 assists in Midwest City’s 87-77 win over Tulsa Central. He has offers from Nebraska, Nevada-Las Vegas, Tulsa, Oklahoma State and Kansas State.

I think Keyshawn will get an offer from the Hogs in the near future. He’s having an outstanding season. Assistant T.J. Cleveland is the lead recruiter here.

Richard, who all have 2018 BB offers? Thanks. … all/Offers

Thanks. I have never looked at 247. Will start doing that.

Noticed they have Joe as a three star and Sills as a 4 star. I thought it was the reverse of that. They also list Sills as a PG.

No problem

Sills will play PG next year, and some with the Hawks in the summer.

Keyshawn had 50 points in Midwest City’s 96-89 OT win over Tulsa Memorial Thursday night.