The news on Billy Ferrell's knee surgery

is surprising and IMO not a good sign. Not an Ortho Surgeon but I haven’t heard of anything good coming from a microfracture procedure…he would have been nicked-up last season and the Coaching staff knew of this prior to recruiting?

I think they are actually having a higher success rate on the micro-fracture surgery the last few years. Additionally, I think I read somewhere that linemen are more often productive after the surgery than skill position guys. Don’t remember where I saw that.

I do recall when they first started doing micro-fracture surgery that it was considered fairly high risk. Good news is that he does not have to step into the rotation this year. Based on the fall preview, Chavis seems pretty happy with the interior DL depth. So if Ferrell needs to redshirt that’s not likely to be a huge problem for the defense.