The new WRs

Lots and lots of size and ability in this group. Should really change the WR group for the better immediately.

The guy who jumped out the most in the highlight reels to me was Trey Knox. He is huge, has speed, running skills and catches the ball well. Unlike some of the other WRs, he’s got the SEC body right now. And he won’t be 18 years old until August.

I can’t decide who I think will be better between trey and Treylon. That’s a good problem to have.

I do think one of them, I’m leaning towards Trey, will be the best Receiver we’ve had in a long long time, maybe ever, when it’s all said and done.

Don’t rule out TQ, Coach Stepp said he is now up to 6-4 (was 6-1 around February this year) and has a frame to add more weight with his blazing speed!!! His upside is huge I think. All of them are going to be a force to deal with.

That’s a lot for one year.

I’m excited about all of them. If there’s a recruiter of the year award for the staff no question that Stepp earned it.

I think Knox and Nash will be the two we see the most of this season because they are early enrollees, and Nash went to IMG, so he will be the most college ready. Should be fun. I stand by my prediction a while back that we will have two true freshman and a true sophomore starting at WR this year, or heavily involved in the rotation.

Knox doesn’t have great speed but he will be a matchup nightmare as will Henry… I just hope we open up the Playbook a whole lot more than we did to take advantage of their skills.

If they keep the play book closed like this year it may be time for Craddock to get
Take an IQ test. I hated our offense this last season. While the Oline was Terrible Craddock called plays that were blown up every time he called them and he continues to call them. Even with the WR that could block my old rear end. It made me sick!
Opening it up will make it fun.

Let’s be honest.

You can bang on Craddock, but the head coach is the ultimate play guy.

I think we will see a totally different offense will be more up-tempo and will take advantage of these player’s skills.

I think having some bigger guys that can cause match up problems and block for each other will be a plus over last year’s group.

The playbook will open up as much as the new WR’s can grasp.
QB’s & RB’s will be 1 more year in the system & more acclimated.
A lot still depends on Oline improvement also.

Opening playbook will be determined by who is taking snaps at qb. Ability to get open with our new size and speed will help whoever that is.