The new turf

Talked with Pat Berger after the game. He is the athletic department’s turf specialist. He is the former golf course superintendent at Texarkana Country Club. He was pleased with how the new turf held up for the first game. There were no real divots. Turf did not come up at all.

Pat said he’s glad to get two more weeks to do some work. It needs to be top dressed, as all new surfaces need. He’s got time to do it. There are a few little low spots here and there that will fill in as they top dress it a couple of times this year. Top dressing is with sand.

He said upper management has asked him for his plan for the field a day in advance. He said he can give them one, but generally you don’t make a plan until you see the over night rains. He said it’s just the same as golf courses, that each day is different with what mother nature gives you as far as moisture and sun.

He said three workouts in less than 24 hours was the first real stress for the field and it handled it in grand fashion. No tears, no divots and no real issues. He was pleased.

So there were two practices Friday, one by each team. Then, there was the game on Sunday. And, there were no issues.

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