The new reality is players leaving your program for the portal is ------------

------------------ a good thing as long as they are the ones you need to replace. The ones who they realize will never progress far enough to contribute need to be “encouraged” to move on so they can make room for the next Ridgeway or Landers. Players from lower level schools who HAVE progressed enough to contribute. There is a significant percentage of Super Bowl or All-Pro players each year who came from lower level schools. Those quality players are out there right now and they now have the freedom to come play at the bigtime schools if they want to really prove themselves. If we don’t make room and go get our share you can bet that Kiffin and our other rivals will! So, portal leaving announcements MAY be a sign that things are going to improve significantly. Losing starters and not getting better replacements is NOT a good thing. The Razorbacks hope to sign 23 and have held 2 slots for walk-ons or suprise can’t miss signees, just like always. There is no sign there that fewer high school kids are getting scholarships. The portal is replacing upper classmen with other upper classmen and any portal entries who fail to get a scholarship supplies an extra one for high school signees. It does not take away from the number of high school scholarships. A few of the high school signees may have to go the “prove yourself at a lower level and THEN get a D-1 scholarship” rather than develop for years at a D-1 level hoping to eventually become a D-1 player.

Not correct sir but whatever.

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