The new landscape in college hoops

From The Athletic. Muss talks about the portal, and how we pretend we’re interested in people so other schools don’t screw us up with the people we ARE interested in.

A lot of other stuff here about NIL and branding, and how Calipari can keep Kentucky on top. But the Arkansas stuff is interesting,

College basketball IMO is at a crossroad. I hope they make a U turn and go back to what it should be but money seems to be destroying what I consider right. The first thing I would do is eoiminate the portal thing and go back to the older standad. College sports should not be the minor leagues of pro sports but things are headed that way.

I doubt if many agree with me, but colleges should still be basically an educational establishment.

Your view of college athletics, frankly, is as dead as leather helmets. We ain’t going back to leather helmets and we’re not going back to your ideal (which is screwing the athletes, whether you want to admit it or not). Nobody is buying season tickets or making donations to see Muss or DVH coach; they’re going to see Kopps pitch and Devo doing his Tasmanian Devil imitation. There is no other field of human endeavor where the people whose efforts are the basis have their reward so tightly limited. That would be like making a movie where Charlise Theron and Tom Cruise are limited to making $40,000 but the director and producer are paid $10 million. Ridiculous, because Theron and Tom are the stars of the show, the reason you’re going to watch, right? Well, Kopps and Devo are the stars.

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A well laid out version. Lot’s of givemes and gotchyous in this one, but we aren’t going to see the tooth paste put back in the tube. Perfect dollars contrasting that paints the picture perfectly.

Then we should ditch athletic scholarships


There is a world of difference in a scholarship and buckets of cash.

No question. But if we are only an educational establishment, why are we offering athletic scholarships?

(By the way, I agree with you)

We should ditch athletic scholarships, if athletes expect to be paid.

I don’t think many will get paid. How many actually have much value in their NIL?

I suspect, since Arkansas has no pro teams, the earning potential for UA athletes is greater than the majority of P5 schools. We worship UA athletes, even the more niche sports. You think the majority of people in Missouri could name 3 mizzou baseball players? How about in Florida? Meanwhile Kevin Kopps is turning water into wine, walking on water and raising the dead. He could make a mint in appearance fees and signing a few baseballs in the JJs Parking Lot. This is America. Why shouldn’t he get to cash in on his talents?

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After his freshman year, how much money could Isaiah Joe made by hosting a shooting clinic in Fort Smith one Saturday morning?

He is cashing in with a free education…

I doubt it. Baseball has less than 12 total scholarships. @ClayHenry @MattJones - what are the chances Kevin Kopps has a full ride?

Better yet, who from our baseball team has a full ride?

True I forgot about that on baseball, but holds true for basketball and football.

So should academic full ride students be unable to profit off their talent? Tutor high schoolers on the side?

That’s called a job. Athletes work as well and get paid for it.

Correct. Why can’t they be compensated for their God given talent? Our ladies gymnastics team shouldn’t be able to be compensated for hosting clinics? Is that not a job? Treylon Burks shouldn’t be able to do a 30 second tik tok telling us how much fish he slays with the Trout Magnet and be compensated for it? Christian Franklin shouldn’t be able to sign baseballs for an hour in the parking lot of Fayetteville’s hottest Mexican restaurant?

Why can coaches get paid for speaking engagements, shoe deals and other side perks, but Devo Davis can’t?

Do we live in a free market society or not?

Honestly I think @bocephus5 is right and colleges should get out of athletics all together and we adopt a European club style approach, but that’s not coming for a long long time

Ha. During the rodeo. Do they still have a rodeo?

People hire tutors for their ability in learning. People would be hiring Burks or Franklin for their names, not their abilities.

We do live in a free market society. So people should be allowed to sell heroine, fentanyl (sp) since its free market? I could name many other unseemly things too but dont want the thread to be locked.

People hire tutors because they’re smart, a reflection of their abilities. People would hire Burks and Franklin for their names/fame, which they have gotten from their abilities. No difference

There’s plenty of places to discuss the merits of the war on drugs, legalization of drugs in other countries, and the dangers of a creating a black market, but this isn’t the place.

Kevin came to Arkansas as walk-on with academic scholarship. I don’t know if he’s got any athletic money now. Doubt it’s much if any.

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