The new football uniforms....

Clay, Dudley, Matt or any of you guys…when are we showing off the new uniforms? For several years we have had one of the worst, if not the worst, looking uniforms, both home and away, in the SEC. We’ve been told we are getting a re-do. Has Coach Morris been asked about this? Any sneak previews or unauthorized pictures?

We can look good even if we can’t play good. It is not that difficult to come up with a nice looking uniform. Look at Ole Miss, LSU, Florida, or Georgia.

When is the unveiling scheduled? I hope it is before the new 2020 mid-engine Corvette.

Here’s the jerseys anyway, from the UA Equipment Twitter page.

Doesn’t look much different to me, except for the patch, which is for the 150th anniversary of college football, dating back to that first Princeton-Rutgers game in 1869.

I am disappointed. It was my understanding this was the year Nike was going to give us a re-do. Those jerseys look to be the same, old deal. Too bad.

The helmets we wore last year were nice, however. Long gone is the matte.

Maybe Coach Morris will surprise us.

Perhaps the delay with new units is because Kaepericker hasn’t given Nike his approval yet. But, it’s probably because workers in Nike’s Chinese & Vietnamese sweat shops just are’nt earning their $1/day wages like they should.

I don’t see the problem in the uniforms. I just want to see faster guys in them.

HY on the Buzz today:

Hunter Yurachek on uniform changes on the Buzz: “We’ll see some changes, back to some more traditional looks. I think it’ll make Arkansas fans very happy. Don’t know when they’ll unveil them. I have seen mockups, they are sharp, very traditional.” #WPS

Interesting. Obviously with them sewing patches on those jerseys in that tweet we won’t have the new unis for Montana State or Ole Miss. CSU maybe?

That was just the equipment staff trolling, one of them has changed his profile picture to the old Apex uniform. … 63008?s=21

Maybe. Or maybe, as HY suggested, launch date not determined yet. It does take Nike a while. Remember last year we had to wear the gray and off-white baseball unis all the way through Omaha because the Georgia equipment staff ruined our white and red unis in mid-May and they couldn’t get new threads for us?

Nope, they’re in, the Marketing Dept will decide when they’re revealed. Most likely at the BBQ, would be my guess.

I’ve heard they are in too from my buddy who works in the Athletic Department. He said he hasn’t seen them yet because they won’t let him. Ha!

My buddy said the patch picture was definitely the equipment staff trolling the fan base. He said the only used one of the old red uni and one of the old white uni with that patch for the pics. They wanted to have some fun.

They’ll learn that the fan base is not in favor of fake uniforms.

Yes, appears they will be revealed on Tuesday

I hope they are bringing in Wright’s bar-b-que. That brisket and the burnt ends are as good as it gets. That food might get us a player or two.

Well done. I always enjoy seeing The Evil Oregon Apparel Empire get barbecued.

I would love to see the 2006 Uniform and the 1964 uniform again

But no matter what Uniform I want speed and wins -

They win I’ll love almost any uniform they win in - well maybe not that uniform warn by the streaker that interrupted the game in- was it 1996, 97, 98 or 99?

Anyone remember that?

love it! needs to be the one we use regularily and not once a yr.