The New Coach I want at Arkansas

If there was one coach I would love to see come to Arkansas it would be Kyle Whittingham . Look what he has done at Utah. Utah was just like Arkansas a little fish in a big pond of Sharks .

Great coach. Especially in bowl games. He’s 60 and a livelong Utah guy. Can’t see him leaving the great situation he has.


My guess is that Whittingham has had a lot of offers to leave Utah. Some coaches are content to spend their whole career in one place. Mike Gundy is another one that comes to mind.

He’s not going to be interested in our rebuild at this time in his life and career. He’s exactly where he wants to be in the college game.
Now, if the Broncos came calling from the NFL I could possibly see him look seriously that.
We have to be realistic about who would want to accept this career challenge and he isn’t going to be one that will want the job.

Go Hogs!

Guys I know he’s not coming to Arkansas. I was just dreaming…lol… but he is my favorite Coach in college football.

He would be my top pick as well

Since Leach is terrible in most folks eyes, do we want a coach with a losing record against The Pirate!?!?

Good article about their friendship.