The NCAA NET rankings are here

Just at a glance, I say Hawg wash…

It’s early December. Not gonna mean much. Not much to pay attention to at least until Christmas.

But I’m confused. We’ve played 8 games, all against D-! opponents, yet the Quad 1-2-3-4 breakdown only lists 7 games.

Let’s see. SoDak State is #138, NoDak State is #333, Fordham is #98, Loserville is #361, Aztecs are #45, Creighton is #33, Troy is #128 and San Jose is #199. That looks like we’re 3-0 against Quad 4, not 2-0.

Whoda thunk it? If we’d ditched playing NoDak State (or Louisville) and played UCA or UAPB instead, our schedule would be quite a bit better.

Louisville is two steps above the BOTTOM of the NET. Everybody in the SWAC and MEAC is rated above Louisville.

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I guess Louisville is Quad 5 game?


Sounds about right. They are historically bad.

With an eye to the past, this is unbelievable.

No Quad 2 games so far. Oklahoma could be that.

I think neutral site OU will be quad 1. Of course where they are now is irrelevant; it’s where they are in March. Presumably Louisville will be a little higher by then

I don’t really understand how this all works but we moved to 21 today and none of the teams we passed played a game and none of our statistics changed from quad to quad nor did theirs change. It something about common teams or even 2nd and 3rd relationship teams that we’ve played. I think it goes to show how close everyone is this early in the season.

If teams you play move up, or teams somebody else played moved down, your ranking can change without playing a game. Same in the other direction.

not very many games yesterday. Kenpom says NDSU was a 90% chance to lose to Portland yesterday but they beat them by 5. I suspect that is what bumped us up.

Here’s am explanation of NET, from the NCAA website

While the women also have a NET ranking, the formula is not identical to the men’s formula.

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