The NCAA is a......

Joke…IMO…since I have no insider knowledge or connections with coaches/players or college administrators I’ll write how it looks to a fan who is sick of hearing about the cheating/illegal activity from institutions of higher learning.

  • The NCAA is not interested in cleaning up college basketball. They give it lip service so they can say they are all about integrity. But when they have the chance to show others (see North Carolina) they are serious - they crumble. Of coarse they nail BYU. Shows me who they punish.

  • Both our recruiting guys and now national media say there are schools that offer $$ kids/family/handlers for committing. Not that it’s ever been a big secret. But with Will Wade being taped the national guys say everyone knows it happens and he was stupid to get caught. If the NCAA wanted to fix this they could. Plenty of money to find gain support from recruits/parents that would be willing to out programs who offer $$. IMO the blue bloods of the sport keep the $$ rolling in from March Madness and the NCAA is VERY reluctant to go after those schools.

  • I’m sure what seems so simple to me is much more complex for the NCAA. But from an old dude from South Arkansas it seems to me that IF they wanted to clean it up they could/would. However that’s like turning yourself in for a crime.

  • And paying players to play won’t solve the mess (although there is an argument to give them more stipends). Folks will still find ways to get bag men/recruits together.

  • And no matter what is done…cheaters will find a way. But VERY harsh penalties can make all coaches/administrators and boards think twice about there integrity.

Sorry for the useless rant. I just finished my second cup of coffee and I’m done.

Ole LD

The incestuous relationship between Sports Media Companies and coaches, AAU Officials, Shoe Companies, agents, camps, and the NBA doesn’t help either. Coaches like Wade, Self, Howland, Calipari, Miller, and Pearl would just go be analyst’s (Emphasis on anal) on ESPN, Fox Sports One, SEC Network, and so on. To them, everyone is for sale. Everyone cheats. When I hear this garbage, I can’t help but think how many coaches are out of work because they valued thier reputations over wins and money.

Keep in mind the NCAA is made up of all the member schools. When it comes to enforcement, that means that, in a sense, the NCAA staff is investigating and imposing penalties on the very people they work for. When schools decide to fight back rather than become an “open book” and fully cooperate it becomes very difficult for the NCAA. Ultimately, the presidents and chancellors of the major universities have to decide that they will support the NCAA staff over a fellow member school. It appears to me that the money from football and basketball is so good the presidents and chancellors are hesitant to insist on strong enforcement.

The NCAA is not toothless. Some small school will be punished severly for the basketball transgressions of the mighty


What everyone needs to pay attention too is what the FBI ends up doing with the evidence those convicted have face them to get lighted sentences.
The singing has started and won’t stop until its all over. There’s a reason Will Wade refused to talk to his boss with the NCAA present the other day! He knows he’s guilty and he will attempt to appear in court and find a way to keep the evidence on him from being released. The problem is he is a willing party in the crime the other middle men are guilty of! He won’t ever coach at LSU again! They can’t wait on him!
They interviewed Smart and his parents and trying to get the NCAA to clear him right now before they play their first game in the SEC Tournamnet. Smart and his mother have lied. LSU plans to play in the NCAA too!
It’s out of control. The NCAA created this and they have brought shame and a lack of institutional control upon themselves! That’s one of the major violations they use when they punish the little guys.
From coast to coast there’s cheating going on and it’s for millions of $$$$!! The only people that will fix this is the FBI. Want and see!

North Carolina had the perfect defense. Because the crap courses were available to everyone on campus, they didn’t constitute an extra benefit for athletes and thus the NCAA had nothing in its rulebook to nail them with. They NCAA is not going to get into whether a course is actually valid; that’s what accreditation agencies are for (and somehow UNC skated with only a one-year probation from the accreditation agency).

If the NCAA had any guts they would have nailed North Carolina with the Lou Holtz “do right” rule.

Everyone knows that their defense was a crock. If I was their President I’d hang my head in shame.

But $$ speak volumes…

The do right rule doesn’t exist in the NCAA rulebook. Besides, they tried that on Penn State regarding Sandusky and it blew up in their faces.

As usual you make a good point Jeff. Even wth the NCAA resending much of the sanctions Penn State took a HUGE hit.

And fake classes is pale in comparison to the abuse and exploitation that was overlooked by Penn State over the years. Still makes me sick at my stomach.

Sometimes you just have to shake your head.

The Penn State deal gives all of us a picture of just how far off course the moral compass of our country has strayed to the left!

What a stupid statement. What happened at Penn St. had nothing to do with left or right. Delete coming in 4, 3, …

I disagree. Where is the punishment that fits the crime! You can also add Michigan State basketball and football to that issue with crimes taking place and in that case the college it’s self swept it under the rug!
From the coaches to the campus police.