The nation's top recruit

No idea what’s up, but won’t shock me if he got the big head and thought rules didn’t apply to him. Could be totally wrong.

Takes a strong family structure to keep high profile kids humble.

I remember talking to a dad at The Opening finals a few years ago and he was a saying a buddy of his who had played in the NFL was having problems getting his son to listen to him because of all the attention and pub his son was getting.

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Did Gentry get to start at RB? If so do you know his stats for the game?

Yes he did. He had 9 carries for 55 yards, long of 14, 2 receptions for 36 yards and 1 TD. Touchdown catch was for 32 yards.

Yep, I believe the QB torched them all night.

Fit right in at Auburn and they will get him a little cheaper with all the high school issues…

“Cheaper” is the key word here…

And we are keeping up with this guy because………