The name is Bond....James Bond

Sean Connery dies at age 90. Rest in peace, Mr. Connery. You had one heck of a life and brought a lot of fun and pleasure to people all over the world. Gosh, I hate to see him go. He was such a great actor.


That would be Sir Sean Connery; like many celebrities (and athletes) from the UK, he was knighted by the Queen for his contributions (that list includes Paul McCartney, Elton John, Nick Faldo and soccer coach Alex Ferguson).

He set the bar so high for Bond, no one could touch it… one hell of a good actor that could play any character.

Another remarkable feat for Mr. Connery was that he and his wife were married for 45 years upon his death. Not many actors sustain marriages that long.

I’ve enjoyed most of the Bond movies over the last almost 60 years, but there is only one true James Bond.


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Best Bond ever. Although I don’t think anybody has since lived up to Sean Connery and Roger Moore in the role.
RIP Sir Connery


Truly a Cinematic Legend. Larger than life. Led the James Bond brand to become the first mega blockbuster move series. A man’s man and a woman’s fantasy. Thank-you Sir John Connery for the countless hours of entertainment you have blessed all of us.


RIP Sean Connery. A great actor and man. Truly the best Bond. I also like the Daniel Craig Bond , second only to Sean.

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The Hunt for Red October was very well done.
He had a truly commanding screen presence.
RIP 007.

Wasn’t bad in The Untouchables either!

James Bond was defined by Connery & would not otherwise still exist today without him. Surprisingly Connery (same with Craig) despised that role & the stereotype that it gave him in his acting career.

I agree. Craig plays a very different “Bond” than Sean’s Bond. I think that’s why Craig is a clear 2nd. All those in between tried to play the Connery Bond and they couldn’t come close to matching up to Sean.

I thought The Hunt for Red Oct was his best among many great roles. He was one of the very best

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