The Muss factor


A winner!


You build it, and they will come.

Doesn’t surprise me at all. This fanbase loves basketball. They waited thru 25 years of mediocrity to finally be able to show out again.

Muss “gets” this job, and that’s why I think all those people terrified he will leave need to get a grip.


We are very fortunate and blessed in the majority of our coaches at Arkansas. Our AD is a winner too.


Muss has certainly changed my enthusiasm for Razorback basketball. I am a long term supporter of Razorback athletics and my love for the Hogs started at an early age. I will admit that, despite my love for the Hogs, I was tested by the mediocre basketball between Nolan and Muss. The football results post Petrino were worse. Sam Pittman seems to be building the Razorback football program back from the disastrous incompetence of Smith, Bielema, and Morris.

Muss is clearly a top 5 coach. His record at Arkansas stands in sharp contrast to his last 3 predecessors. I expect that many programs will try to hire him. I expect that we will keep him as our coach. I also expect that basketball ticket prices will rise. Arkansas will demand that HY find a way to keep Muss. He has a great job that is well funded, backed by rabid sold out crowds, and has proven that the Hogs have all the ingredients to recruit and compete nationally.


Hope not. It is high already

I suspect that in the somewhat-near future basketball will probably go through a ticket priority overhaul similar to what happened with baseball tickets a year ago. With the exception of suite tickets, baseball ticket prices did not increase, but the donation requirements to obtain them changed drastically.

I thought I read on here that was happening next year. I heard it some where. Probably a rumor.

This would be a certainty if the eventual BWA renovation results in decreased seating as has been suggested

We need to keep Muss and if it means bigger donation, so be it.

No. I guess you are not buying tickets. If they increase donation to keep Muss, it won’t come down whenever Muss leaves, We will be stuck with it.

You would be wrong PJ, I am a season ticket holder and I do make a pretty good contribution every year, I have been to every game this year except one when I was traveling. Would be willing to pay more if needed to keep Muss. Actually already increased it voluntarily this year. I do get what you are saying though however, you can bet with everything else that is going up that sports tickets and donations will have to go up right along with it.


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