The Movie Greater

Got a chance tonight to see Greater, the movie about the life and tragic early death of former Harrison and Arkansas football player Brandon Burlsworth.

Fantastic job by those who made the movie. Moved me to tears, laughter, anger and peace. Great kid who grew into a great young man.

Meeting Brandon, Marty and their family in the 80s in Harrison and then watching the story play out as it did will always be one of my lasting memories.

I very much recommend it.

Where can we see it in Fayetteville? It doesn’t show up in the Malco listings.

Opens Friday … =8/26/2016

I went last night and wrote this. It is a must watch for Razorback fans. … e-greater/

Thanks Matt. That is a wonderful article and solidified my going to see it.


Unfortunately, it’s not currently planned to show at Hawaii. Mainly in Texas, SEC and Midwest.


There was a blurb on Mike & Mike this morning promoting the movie.

It appears it will not be showing in CO. Is there anyway to download or get a disk or whatever?

The bad news is that this movie isn’t going to make it to every part of the country unless it vastly exceeds expectations in terms of tickets sold. The good news, as my wife points out, is that it will probably make its way to Netflix in a relatively short time.