The most unlikely player

Hunter Wilson jacks a grand slam. I will admit when he came to the plate I was hoping for a best case scenario of a walk or a slap single the othe way. What a joy to see the excitement from Wilson and the entire team. GO HAWGS.

That was just an awesome moment. What a thrill, especially for Hunter. My wife had said that he sure wasn’t going to hit a home run and then bam. I wonder why DVH pinch hit Hunter for Luke?

How about the fact that he had talked about getting a postgame interview before the game?! That’s great for the young man from Spiro.


DVH didn’t PH Hunter for Luke. Luke led off the 8th with a walk, and Hunter came in to pinch run for him at that time. (Was later forced at 2nd.) You may have missed that sub because the announcers were busy talking about Todd Walker traveling with his own baseball card(s). :roll:

I missed it, and yeah, that’s probably why. Sometimes these announcers get too caught up in being the entertainment. People tuning in to college baseball games aren’t doing it to hear the announcers. They need to concentrate first & foremost on what’s going on in the game.

I understand there are dead times during a baseball game & sometimes these stories can be nice, but good gosh, come back to them if they’re that good. They had to interrupt a story when Martin hit his 2 run HR in the 2nd inning, too.

While we’re at it, cut back on the mid-game interviews. Get ‘em in between innings or during pitching changes. Those things are totally consumed by commercials.

The announcers are more into what a LSU is doing when they play than anything Arkansas does! That’s a major difference between the coverage.
I was shocked when Hunter Wilson hit that ball and at first I thought it was going to be caught and once it went over the fence it was wild! Happy for him and the team. It was great watching all the players celebrate together!