The most selfish act of 2020

was the Dodgers Turner knowing he tested positive for covid-19 is out in crowd with the team. No Mask in the picture I saw. Always knew the guy is flakey but this takes the cake. What a slam to all the people who have died from this virus. Shame on the dodgers.

It was a stunner for sure. I do think the Dodger players wanted him there and probably knew they had been around him for most of the game in the dugout. Who knows?

I still am fuzzy on how he got to play the game to the point where they pulled him.

I saw something that they had had some false positives so they rushed the Tuesday morning tests to the lab for confirmation. They got the confirmation back in the middle of the game.

Hearing inconclusive was his initial test report, which still warrants a quarantine until confirmation of positive or negative. Then the positive result came afterwards and he was yanked from the game.

The Dodger players have been around Justin Turner for weeks, if not months. I would bet you, to a man, they wanted him out there with the team. He deserved to celebrate the World Championship, just as all his teammates did. Who would be the person to tell him, “Hey, Justin, go back into the clubhouse and get away from us”? That was not going to happen.

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Correct. First one inconclusive, rushed the second one which came back positive in midgame.

Mask solves the issue.


Not according to the outlash media. Seems people were fine with him coming back out if he had just put on a mask. Maybe you read something differently.

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