The Most Industrial Hog Team

From the beginning of the season, I’ve struggled to comprehend the secret sauce of this Hog group. Somehow the sum of the parts is positive, very positive. They just don’t look polished or sexy to me, but they keep winning. Taking 3 from LSU this season is large. What a tough thing to do. And, today’s opening 4 minutes of the second half - it was just …so surprising, and a thing of beauty.

This team seems to be chocked full of Pete Rose type of players. And lately, really coming together as a tough team.


I understand what you are saying. Completely.
But–we do have two all-SEC first teamers. And just listen to other coaches about what makes us though…they all talk about how hard we play, Williams making special plays…and JD Notae being impossible to guard straight up. offensively, even when JD isn’t shooting well, he makes us go. He demands so much attention.

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Post and Point. If you are elite in those areas, you’ve always got a chance. Add in physical and mental toughness, 2 Wings who can score, and best in the game preparation by the coaching staff, and there’s your winning formula.

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Todd Day and Lee Mayberry
Corliss Williams and Scott Thurman
JD Notae and Jaylen Williams

When you have 2 first team all conference players then special things happen

The Net rankings and ESPN power ratings may catch on eventually how good this team is. Really don’t think the players care where they rank in the Net.

They just want to play and win

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