The morning after, feeling blue

No it’s not like losing a loved one or even a pet. Still, the firing of a coach that you like personally, if not professionally, is nothing to celebrate. Deep in my mind I know it had to be done. The record speaks for itself. Still, I can’t help but think the man was snake bit. Or maybe zebra bit is a better term. A whole lot of close losses and horrible calls against us in CBB’s five years. If just a few of those calls had gone our way and if players had made smarter decisions, the man most certainly would still have his job here. And then there were the injuries. Oh boy were there. What’s done is done though. He’ll be OK. Not sure why I’m feeling bad for him. He’s got a beautiful wife, a new baby girl and a lot of dough. His future looks considerably better than mine. So now we’re left with some vaguely defined collection of power brokers giving fo show power to the Peoples and telling us not to worry our pretty little heads over what is coming next. Well I won’t worry about it, only because I have more important things to worry about. Hopefully we defy the odds and find that rare leader who will win big and still do things the right way. A Mike Anderson of the gridiron would be OK with me. Doubtful that we would give such a man the time to reap the fruir of his labors, but I can dream. Life goes on. GHG and WPS.

I’m with you Eagle. Kind of sad day. I know it was time but the way it happened and him being such a good guy just doesn’t make this one easy.

Reading all the players tweets last night really got to me. They really seemed to like him and respect him.

I hated the way we fired him. I wish they would have done it last Monday. He knew it was coming, we all did. He would have agreed to coach the last game, that’s the type of guy he is. He could’ve spent the week with his players. The way the UofA handled this was atrocious.

Now on to the next coach…WPS Always.

I have been a huge supporter of Bret’s. Still will be wherever he lands.

But I just don’t agree that the UA handled this terribly. Even Bret said he has no problem with it. They told him in private, after the game, giving him a chance to tell his kids personally. That was huge for Bret I know. They even gave him the chance to meet with the press. Which he did!

Now, I wish he had not been fired at all. I agree that his tenure was both snake-bit and zebra bit. I do think there is something to the good ole boy network and getting favorable calls. Some will say that’s ridiculous. I say its not. Sorry. I’ve seen Arkansas get screwed too many times in my 55 years of life. Anyway…we will be alot better next year as our soph’s and freshman come of age. Bret would have benefitted from their maturation. Now it will be someone else.

I’m actually hoping for Gus now. If not Gus, Norvell.