The More Things Change...

Good to see nothing has changed. The same ol’ gripers are griping again, rehashing history and bemoaning the future.
This was never going to be a big class and thus was never going to be a highly rated group.
The fact is every one of these kids was wanted by other respected programs. To me that is the single biggest factor I use for determining the quality of the player. You can’t go wrong recruiting players that Alabama wants.
Other schools obviously respect Arkansas far more that some of it’s “fans” as when the Hogs get on a player suddenly others get interested. Such was the case with Andrew Parker. He commits to us and suddenly Texas and Texas A&M find interest.
Seems to me that we got sixteen players that other high level programs wanted and that should be encouraging to everyone.
The same people that are griping about this class were griping about CBB’s coaching staff and how much they sucked. Funny that almost everyone of them was grabbed up by highly respected programs. Michigan sure didn’t think CBB’s staff stunk.
Also noticed that Sam Pittman, who when he left took a lot of crap from the all-knowing people on this board for being overrated, was rated the number four recruiter for this year after Georgia pulled in the number one class.
It seems to me that CBB was doomed the minute he decided Jim Chaney was just not good enough for him and who then took Pittman with him to Athens. That was the beginning of the end for CBB. CBB must have listened to this board too much.
So it is comforting to see the same malcontents moaning about this year’s class. It tells me it is probably going to be good.

Yeah, well Arkansas has done a very poor job with its football program in recent years. Very poor. I was one of the vocal ones on here calling for the firing of both Long and Bielema. I guess you thought they should’ve been retained, along with Bielema’s brilliant assistants? Ok. You were and are wrong. Bielema was a disaster. So were his assistants. None of them could recruit worth a damn, especially in later years.

And make no mistake. Jim Chaney and Sam Pittman didn’t do anyone any special recruiting favors here, or at UGA. Kirby Smart is a recruiting machine and is going to start kicking everyone’s ass in recruiting from here forward. He’d have great success without Chaney and Pittman.

Anyway, fortunately, the decision makers listened to us “malcontents.” You’ll perhaps be glad to know I was recommending that we hire Chad Morris well before Bielema was fired, maybe even as much as a couple of years ago. So I’ve been very pleased he’s here, and am pleased with his recruiting and other efforts thus far. I’m not complaining about football now. Excited about it in fact.

But I’m certainly not wishing your heroes were back here running the show. Even with (choke) the $11.5MM buyout. Worth every penny.

I don’t think I said a word about CBB or Long being fired. But I like how you are declaring victory for doing nothing but griping. That is a very in vogue thing these days, claiming victory for doing nothing.
This is a lot of words for having zero facts. It is just all speculation and you say.
Georgia is recruiting well with Pittman being specifically recognized, Michigan has grabbed many of CBB’s staff and CBB crashed and burned when Pittman and Chaney left. Those are facts.
And if you are not complaining now it is strange that you are the one responding to my post. If you are not complaining now then obviously I am not referring to you.

What else can I or anyone else do other than gripe on a message board? You’ve never done it? Please.

I’m not going to quit my Hog fandom. No way. Big part of my life. I’d rather just gripe on this board when things are going poorly, and celebrate here when times are good.

Just so happens the powers that be agreed with me that the football situation was a mess and that Morris ought to be hired. No victory – but maybe an “I told you so.” And it does seem like you are still singing the praises of Bielema and his former staff. I disagree with that, regardless of whether some of them are coaching at Michigan or Georgia. Frankly, it’s becoming pretty clear Harbaugh is miserable to work for and may not be all that great of a college coach. And, like I said, Kirby Smart is going to be a force to be reckoned with, regardless of who his assistants are.

Hawgjawbend…I’ve learned the hard way not to argue with lawyers. You guys and gals are highly trained to argue and win. My niece is an attorney in Fayetteville and I’ve not come out ahead on a argument with her in years.

Sometimes I disagree with your positions but I always respect your logic and passion.

All of that is intended as a compliment.