The more the news leaks out re Fulmer

the more apparent it has become just how much he has been sabotaging the now ex-AD throughout the search process - in hopes of landing the AD job himself. That has now happened pending formal announcement shortly. However, now he is starting to get a lot of blowback from fans whom remember that he “purportedly”? did essentially the same thing to help move his former boss, J. Majors out of the way. So, things are not necessarily settling in over on the hill at UT just because old hat PF has come riding in to save the day.

Its almost uncanny the similarities in the UT and UofA pgms right now, at least in terms of general chaos and probability of more to come.

Tennessee is in a much bigger mess than Arkansas.

I don’t see any similarity either. No mess. Not yet.

It’s way too early to say we’re in a mess. The only similarity is that we both have fired a coach and AD.

Of course I didn’t say the chaos at Arkansas is the same, I said there are similarities. Similar is not the same as…same.

Maybe reread that last sentence in your post and edit it? :wink:

not into parsing words, but hopefully its understood that I wasn’t putting the chaotic condition of both on the same level. The similarities are imo hard to ignore however. Its a little different as I type - UT does have an AD. We’ll see if that helps or makes it worse.

Well, any reasonable person reading what you posted would not have to “parse” words to understand you are directly correlating the situations to one another…

Well, “similarities” plural suggest a whole lot more than “similarity” singular, especially when you precede it with “uncanny.” As Gentry said, it was hard to read your post and infer anything other than you thought situation was as chaotic as Tenn’s—or at least nearly so. I disagree with that assessment. If that’s not what you meant, that’s fine.

Neastarkie, you must be an attorney. That reminded me of “that depends on what the definition of “is” is.” :slight_smile: