The more I think about it...

The less likely I think it is that we hire Kelvin Sampson. I lived in the Houston area long enough (11 years) to get a feel for how Tilman Fertitta operates. He’s willing to throw some serious money around to get what he wants, and if he wants to keep KS at Cougar High he will make sure that happens.

So the next question is who is plan B?

As for plan B? Don’t know, heard a rumor of Musselman, but we will see. Right now, I think we got KS

I’ve lived in Houston for 10 years now. I too agree it will be a very difficult situation for KS to leave. He will get a counter offer here that will match or exceed what we would pay.

I think there’s two main reasons to come to AR (in KS’s viewpoint):
1) Relationship with HY (trust & commitment)
2) Opportunity to be in a big P5 job again with an opportunity to compete at the highest level (ego)

I think there’s three main reasons to stay (in KS’s viewpoint):
1) Reaping the benefits of what he’s done over the last 5 years…continuing to build on what he’s done…possible landing spot for his son
2) H-Town support…one of the biggest cities in the country and they love basketball…love the Rockets and the UofH… It’s not small time in this town.
3) Facilities… They have everything he needs to compete here. The new arena is fabulous.

I think it’s a tough sell, but it could happen. So back to the question at hand…….Who is plan B (legitimate, not wish lists)?

It’s all gonna depend on how these dominoes fall with the tourney, and the FBI stuff. If Beard, Buzz, Painter, or KS, or that scumbag Altman goes to the final four, you can add 1 million to their salary at least.

Plus UCLA is out there. But again, it’s all about money. And everyone has a bunch of it.

I like Matt Painter. He could be a sleeper in all of this. Does Purdue got the horsepower to keep him?

Beard does a great job but his style is dramatically different from what Anderson did and it would be a huge adjustment for the players and the fans. Do you guys think the fans would support a slower brand of basketball if it resulted in success. Beard teams are fundamentally sound in all phases of the game and he arguably does more with less than lot of big name coaches, but it is a throwback style of play.

Fans would accept any style as long as it wins.

Good question, I’m not sure. I think we have fans that want exciting faster pace, and we have fans that want “sound, fundamental basketball.” I think we can have both, but I’m not sure how many would like a slow pace, even if we win and win big.

I disagree with you on this RD.

Oh, there are still people who think Eddie Sutton coached the only “proper” style of basketball and that both Nolan and Mike employed an undisciplined style (if you suspect there are racial overtones to that, you may not be far off base; I’ve heard the word N-ball more than once). Then there are people like Gas who think the faster the better. I don’t care personally. Winning 51-49 or winning 100-95 are still winning, losing 100-95 still sucks.

I enjoyed the success of Eddie and the success of Nolan.

I don’t care what style as long as it is winning style.

(Honestly, the 39-39 SWC Tournament Championship game against Texas is one of the most intense games I ever remember. Every possession in the second half felt like an end of game situation)


Fans would accept any style as long as it wins.

[/quote]You mean, bring back the four corners offense?

I don’t think the Sutton style and the Nolan style are that much different today. I know there are still lots of different approaches to offense, but everyone has to shoot within 30 seconds. Even the “Fastest 40” had its’ share of shot clock violations. The best way to play faster than the other team is to have better players than the other team.


Serious conversation please.


So, just went to my Twitter feed to see if any updates or rumors are out there.

Actual reporters have said - Beard is not coming that’s just AR fans believing UALR means something to him.

  • Buzz Williams is not on the list and was never in consideration.

Guess that narrows it down a bit

They should make a run at Beard. Next season, he is going to have to replace five key guys off his team and looking at a rebuild year and maybe just right for the plucking.

When he was asked about the Arkansas and Nebraska openings, Mark Few said give him 5 million for 10 years and he’d bring his staff and win some games.

Has anyone seen this?

No, I had seen Few earlier this season had sent out feelers to let people know he may want out of Gonzaga, but I haven’t heard that. Supposedly, we are supposed to be willing to go up to $5 million. Someone needs to be on the phone now.

Former Razorback Chris Gragg tweeted it.

Get on the phone and sort this out.

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