The more I see Rawleigh Williams

The more I am reminded of Emmitt Smith. Low pads. Great vision. Great (but not break away) speed. Even his build; thick.

He’s an Awesome 3-Star :smiley:

Whaley showed some spurts of incredible quickness last night, as well.

I feel great about the running back situation for the next several years.

Moving forward we will need them both as SEC play begins lasting an entire season taking hits is not common

Whaley is gonna be a big factor with his bursts of speed as he settles in…Dallas might be his coming out party

Rawleigh seems to improve every week. It’s easy for me to forget that he hasn’t actually played in that many games as a Razorback due to his injury. Very excited to watch him every week. He’s a good one!

Devwah: He could be some lightning to go with the thunder that RWIII can bring. His burst and quickness is something that can’t be taught. Elite talent. When he puts it all together, watch out.

Need them both in the SEC. Will also need help from Walker. I have loved Rawleigh since I started following him is Sr. HS season. He is now looking and running like an SEC back, but must have help going into all these SEC games. He cannot do it all.

There were flashes of Devwah Whaley’s speed. I think Rawleigh is getting sharper with his cuts. Kody Walker does some good things, but he missed some cuts last night that an SEC back should make. At some point this season, Whaley may take Walker’s carries.

Hogs are missing that “Homerun” threat that was provided by AC, Rawleigh III is a solid back more in the line of JWill. Agreed, need to get Whaley more involved.

I remember when there was a good deal of moaning and groaning that Budda was NOT a home-run threat. :slight_smile:

Rawleigh is faster than AC and more of a home run threat.

RW has learned to wait on his blocks. DW just needs a little more patience with the blocks ahead of him. He hits the hole fast and at times the hole has not opened yet. He will get there.

I agree, at this point walkers leadership is needed more than his talents. I think Whaley is going to take off here in a minute.

Williams reminds me of Michael Dyer. Love the toughness Williams runs with. Always falling forward.

Now Whaley, he is special. He will be a star. You can see it with the limited touches he’s gotten. I think we may see him break a run in Dallas.

Whaley has got to improve his protection blocking.

KW has been a great hog but now he needs to be a situational back only

RW is a situational back. The situation is called “starter”. He is going to be the starter until Whaley or some one else proves they are a better every down back. I strongly suspect Whaley will get more work as the year rolls along, and he certainly flashed the ability to hit big runs Saturday night, but RW is a better all around back right now, and is not going to be worse than 1A this year even if Whaley develops very rapidly.

Oh you got me nlr buzzard, I was getting ready to ask how you could consider RWIII a situational back. :smiley: He is the starter. I expect that as D. Whaley plays more, the two of them will be used as J-Will and Budda were.

It will be nice to have two 1,000 yard backs again, and IMO that is where Arkansas is headed.