The momentum continues Burks commits to Hogs … mits-hogs/

who’s he talking about?

A recent visitor.

I’m guessing Burks… but I have no clue.

Burks WPS!!!

its Burks…wps!

Pretty cool mate…

247 Rankings…Burks should bump us 6 spots to 22…how many more can we sign? :sunglasses:

Rivals has us 21… 18,19,and 20 would be South Carolina, Auburn and MSU.

Clemson is ranked 4th by Rivals w an AVG Star rating of 3.41
Hogs have signed 7 less but with an AVG Star rating of 3.40

Oh happy day!


Expecting 20-22 in this class, but like Mark Smith said on last week’s recruiting Thursday, it’s fluid.

Happy day for Burks and Razorbacks. Simply thrilled.

This is the one that we had to have !! Great Job

I told you guys sooner than later. :smiley:

Wow, this is big!

Stopped by to check in on Sesame Street and Tickle Me Elmo…where is he?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Biggest commitment we’ve had since Dmac.

Mommmy hasn’t let him play with the computer yet today. He will slither out from under his rock later.