The Missouri Schedule

My goodness. How does an SEC team manage to play a schedule like that? As bad as we are, we could have won 7 or 8 games playing that schedule. If this team and coaching staff has anything left in the tank, this is a winnable game. Unfortunately, I suspect the physical Bullies from Stankvile left us much worse for wear than the Commodores left Mizzou. They will likely skate out of town with their 6th straight win and feeling good about themselves. Sometimes life just ain’t fair. :cry:

Sr’s Last game. Bret’s last game. Missery’s Trash talking LB’s last game. Maybe, just maybe they show big time emotion and wear Missery out for four quarters. Or even better they win the first half and we turn it around in the 2nd half and win. Completely reverse last year’s debacle, and use it as a springboard for next season

I’d love nothing more than to see the hogs pull together and get a end of the year win. I’m taking my cousin with me, who is a Mizzou fan to the game.
I hope the coaches can put together and stay out of the way in order to win, (no stupid calls).

Unfortunately, I think it will be ugly, and fast. I think the tigers will beat us by more than 2 TDs.

There’s always next year!

The key to the game is get to the Lock. WPS

I remember watching Lock at the game 2 years ago in Fayetteville. He has really improved his game since that day.