The Missouri Mausoleam

Is going to be an eerie place to play basketball tomorrow night. How do you prepare for something like that? I know we played before a splattering of fans in Spain, but those games were in much smaller venues. I know when you’re the home team you feed off the energy of the crowd. Who feeds off of empty seats? Maybe it will be an advantage. Regardless, we’ve got to bring it. No coasting or we could pull a football Hogs and suffer a humiliating loss to the worst team in the SEC.

When Missouri joined the SEC it never occurred to me that their FB team might have more success than their BkB team. The FB team benefited by being in a week SEC East for their first couple of years. They have traditionally been much stronger in Basketball. Right now they find both programs in the dumps. They’re going to find it is VERY difficult to make up ground in the SEC. I don’t think there is a quick fix for them in either sport.

Haith left them in a really bad situation. Kim Anderson isn’t going to get enough time to fix it, I suspect, even with the alma mater angle.

Misery is averaging officially 9,689 attendance at home, but I’m sure that’s tickets sold. Butts in seats is way lower. For the Ole Miss game, for instance, announced attendance was 10,378; estimated butts in seats were 7,235. Capacity is 15K.

The advantage that MO has in their last few home games is that coaches just can’t get their players to get “up” for a team that’s 5-17 / 0-9 and on a 13 game losing streak. Saturday, S Car was a 10.5 point favorite and didn’t cover. It was a 7 point game with 1 minute left. If that scary dude Frank Martin can’t get his players to play all out for him, you know it’s a problem.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s not a tight game at the half and maybe also at the 8-10 minute mark of the 2nd half. Because of Anderson, MO will probably be up for the Hogs more so than most teams. I hope none of the Hogs’ players watched FL destroy MO last night in Gainesville. I think we’ll still end up winning fairly comfortably, but maybe by only 7-12 points.

That said, if the Hogs are mentally ready and play like they did Wed night, it will be a blow-out.

He’s gone. I read the Stl PD sports quite a bit for Cardinals news and I periodically see columns about Kim Anderson and they say he’s toastz

I saw one recently that named potential candidates to replace him when he’s fired.

I think 7500 butts in seats is a real stretch. The games I’ve seen them play on tv appear to be in front of no more than 3,000-4,000.

The worst thing about Haith being gone from Mizzou is where he ended up.

TU has made it impossible for me to pull for them. I refuse to do it.

That would not surprise me either.

I’m not so quick to throw shade on Kim Anderson about his coaching at MIzzou. Im not sure how anyone can expect much from Mizzou with the mess he inherited from Haith and the claimed neglect by President of the university, that has caused recruiting to Mizzou the toughest job in the country. You can’t win games in the Sec with the majority of your players average at best. Repairing the problems caused by the aforementioned guys above will take time and a mighty effort from KA and his staff. The unrest at Mizzou from a couple years ago have caused the incoming freshman enrollment to its lowest number in almost a decade, so it has affected more than just recruiting student atheletes alone. WPS

You are right about that. Still, Anderson will be the fall guy. Will be interesting to see who they replace him with.

I certainly don’t see how Kim Anderson could, or should, be blamed for Haith’s mess.