The missing piece... Point Guard

We don’t have a facilitator. Or if we do, he hasn’t gotten of the bench that I’ve seen.

  • Lykes is a dribbling dynamo that looks to shoot 1st, dribble 2nd, shoot 3rd, dribble 4th, and finally pass.

  • Devo is a ball of energy that has a decent shot, and is an excellent passer but had questionable handles.

  • Notae inconsistent at best. When he was getting 5-6 assists we were a much better team. But when he’s hot he could net you 30+.

All three are trying to be the square peg for the round hole of point guard. I hope they can get those corners sanded off by conference time.

If there is another PG out there… we have not seen him enough to know anything.

I just hope we have one coming next year. I’ve not paid enough attention to the new class just that they are all rated very well.

And why in the hell do teams that don’t normally shoot that well from long range suddenly become super at it. I mean if Carter made little liver pills for 3 point shooting by opponents, I’m positive his stash is hiding somewhere on this team. Whomever we play seems to OD on the stuff.



I’d love to see what this team would look like with Jalen Tate.

As it is, it will be interesting to see how much (?if) good coaching can overcome this team’s deficiencies.


We are missing Tate and Moody’s calmness… both of those never showed any panic, never were out of control. But you’re right we do not have a true point guard Devo is doing his very best and I applaud him for that

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We have a point guard. His name is KK Robinson. Give him some run without looking over his shoulder. I watched him play a lot at Oak Hill. He is a true point guard. This seems obvious to me.


I would give him a shot but not going to happen…

Don’t be too sure about that, Billy. Muss knows he has to shake something up after today.

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The missing piece: shooters

no player on this team can knock down 3-pters with any consistency…

bogs down the offense cuz team can’t space the floor like Muss wants

Nick Smith and Joseph Pinion can (at least, partially) fix this problem next season as both are excellent shooters

but that’s next season


I would agree with this.

We have shooters, but you have to have someone who can get them shots in their spots…a point guard.


The KK discussion has been exhausted. There is no incentive for these coaches not to play KK, if he in fact would give us a better chance of success. Lots of examples of players who excelled in high school, and then not so much in college. Again, if KK was the best PG option, he’d be playing.

The calls for KK to get into the game are starting to sound like the common pleas for the coach to play the backup QB.

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Like I said not going to happen… still a very talented player though, hasn’t forgotten how to play, he’s just been injured, has to get his confidence back

Yeah, because we got such stellar play from the point guard position today? JD, Lykes, and Devo over dribbled into double teams and to’s so much today that I lost count. Why not give KK a shot? He literally can not play the position any worse than those other three guys did today.

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You get no disagreement from me about today’s PG play. Also no disagreement that KK couldn’t have done any worse facilitating things…. offensively.

So, why then doesn’t he play? Clay makes a great point about what KK is (likely) not doing in practice…. playing consistent, solid defense against our guards. Perhaps if we saw KK play 30 minutes in a game we’d understand why he doesn’t play more. Who knows? My guess is, these coaches know. Again, they have absolutely zero reason not to play him if he’s the better option.

Maybe, but after today, are they re-thinking that? Something has to change. We haven’t looked worthy of our ranking all year, and today had to be embarrassing for everyone. At least I hope it was. Maybe KK is a gamer, and not a practice player…

How talented is he? No one really knows cuz he rarely gets on the court.

Obviously he isn’t doing the things Muss wants him to do in practice to earn minutes in games.

Maybe that changes, but 10 games into the season; I highly doubt it.

After today, I think all bets are off. It’s an open audition for PT, or at least it should be. Please watch film of KK at Oak Hill to see what is riding the pine for us. I see no signs that he is hurt anymore.

You are correct about needing a true point guard. But we are also missing a true tough guy in the middle. A guy that does the dirty work. Block shots, get rebounds, and can score around the rim. Williams is good and can develop into that kind of player. But he’s still on the finesse side of the game. Muss knows this of course. I’m confident he’s working to adjust his line up to compensate. I’m also sure he will look to the portal to find a big body in the off season.

All 3 of those guards fall in love with the dribble and don’t move the ball! Standing and watching on offense and defense will get you beat.
On the positive side the hogs hit some 3’s. The problem they took some really bad ones and gave up wide open looks from 3!


I think it probably boils down to him missing pretty much all the summer according to Muss and he’s probably not totally 100% but I can tell his stroke looks very good and when he’s got in there I have not seen the ball handling issues that the others have had… I keep hearing about his defense doing bad but I don’t see really anybody playing great defense.I’ll be totally shocked if anything changes I think he’s far behind everybody else because of so much Miss time but I still think he’s a very good player, He and Moody were the 2 highest ranked prospects we were bringing in so he was very highly touted that’s why I said he hadn’t forgot how to play

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There are certainly holes at guard and PF, but we went through missing pieces last year in mid-season (Bama and MIzzou pounded us early in the SEC). Williams and Devo wasn’t even starting until the SEC started rolling. This staff will shore up the gaps and we’ll have a good team shortly or Muss will meltdown in every practice until they do. Coach will have their attention now, he wasn’t the only one embarrassed.

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