The math on missed extra points

We scored seven touchdowns…
Seven made extra points would have only gotten us to 49 points.
We’d have never gone for the two-point conversion at the end if we’d made the first six.
Can’t prove a hypothetical, but seven touchdowns and seven made extra points still loses the game.


We would have been up 48 to 47 after the last TD. We would still go for two to get to 50. The best they could have done on a field goal is tie us at 50.

That is if we made all of our extra points


must fix the extra point problem. Details. Fundamentals.

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I mean we could have not let them drive all the way down the field like it was nothing with 40 seconds left too…


Even with the missed extra points, we are just a few seconds and some bad calls away from being 6-3. With a little more talent we would be pretty good!

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This is correct. At 48-47, there would be no reason to kick the extra point. No difference in a 1-point lead or 2-point lead at that point, so you go for 2.


Do not forget the xtra 3 points they got from Fouche’s horrible decision. That factors in too.

The call against Foucha was totally bs…he was looking towards the Arkansas bench and it only gets called because the Missouri kid lays on the ground. If the kid gets up, its a no call.

The worst calls in sports are the ones officials can’t/won’t call in a consistent manner. No way a Bama player would have seen a flag.

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There may have beem no way a Bama player sees a flag, but we are not Bama. Do not put yourself in a position to hurt the team when you don’t have to.

I understand the math, but the equation does not take into account the negative effect that a missed extra point has on the defense.

Foucha :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agreed. We all want to win now. I look at the future because I remember the recent Chaddy Morris led past. Special Teams needs a lot more attention. Special teams is all about attention to detail.

We had an extra week to shore up ST play, especially FG kicking team, since the late block at LSU that cost us.
What we don’t know is how much personnel shuffling been done on ST due to COVID and injuries. But like everything else it’s got to be next man up.
Scoring over 45 points should win the game though. Especially up 2 TD’s in fourth quarter.

The problem is this can be called a penalty and it was. Not always called but was during this very important part in the game. I do hope the coaches explain this rule in detail to the players and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Vikings missed two extra points yesterday (with ex-Hog walk-on Dan Bailey doing the kicking). Yeah it’s a 33-yarder in the NFL but still… Bailey is making $3M+ to kick the football, which works out to $200,000ish per game. But pro kickers screw up too.

We were 23 of 24 on extra points before Saturday, 4 of 6 on Saturday. Ninety percent for the season, Should be better. Reed gets the blame for the miss, but not for the block. Seems like Jack Lindsey may have been at fault on the previous missed PAT, or maybe it was a chipshot FG that he put the ball in the wrong place.

Trivia question: Of the top 10 kickers in UA history, only one didn’t miss a single extra point in his career (but he did fail on a game winning chipshot FG). Who was he?

The only miss prior to Saturday was because of a botched snap/hold, not the kick itself. PATs have been fine this year. They had not been an issue at all prior to Saturday.

I believe I know, but don’t want to spoil it for others…so I’ll just add a clue by saying that the answer will surprise people…and remind them of a game we played very recently…

Cole Hedlund

But IMO, Zach Hocker’s imperfect record is more impressive.

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